Alufoil instead of baking paper - does it work?

Just when you want to bake something, then the shops are closed and the baking paper has gone out. Many people simply want to use aluminum foil as an alternative for baking. But whether this actually works and in which cases aluminum foil is an acceptable alternative when baking, we show here in the facts.

Bake fresh with aluminum foil instead of baking paper

When baking cookies or baking a fresh pizza, most people like to use baking paper. If there is none in the house, the view of the aluminum foil falls quickly. But this is not suitable for fresh raw dough, because the adheres to the sustainable aluminum foil and burns properly.

As an alternative, you could grease the aluminum foil vigorously, but then you can just as easily grease the baking sheet without risk. Whether toast Hawaii or a delicious cheesecake, aluminum foil should rather not be used for baking when it comes to raw or fresh dough types. Cheese also sticks extremely to the aluminum foil.

  • raw dough adheres to aluminum foil
  • Cheese sticks
  • salty foods dissolve the aluminum foil
  • acidic products also dissolve aluminum foil

Bake with aluminum foil

If you just want to bake or heat a few rolls, you can place aluminum foil instead of baking paper. But since these things barely bake anyway, it would be sufficient in this case, just lay the rolls on the plate or on the grill.

splash guard

However, if you want to place the baking paper on a baking sheet merely as splash protection, aluminum foil is a good alternative. However, before you plaster the oven with aluminum foil, you should bear in mind that the film does not let the heat through so well and possibly extends the baking time.

Other alternatives to baking paper

Instead of using aluminum foil as a replacement for the baking paper, you should use other alternatives. For short baking times, such as the Toast Hawaii, for example, you can use very good sandwich paper. If you need longer baking times than are necessary when baking, then you should use either a greased baking sheet or a fireproof glass bowl.

  • Greaseproof paper
  • Fireproof glass greased
  • Silicone Molds
  • eternal baking paper

Duration baking paper

Of course, you will not have any permanent baking paper in the house when the baking paper has run out. But with the next purchase you should acquire one of these endurance papers. The term eternal baking paper is a bit exaggerated, since this material does not last forever, but the long-lasting papers easily replace several rolls of baking paper. So these rubber or silicone mats usually pay off quickly.

Tips & Tricks

Cover with fireproof glass in different sizes. You can use these refractory bowls made of glass for both baked goods and for grilled or baked foods. The glass bowls are particularly versatile and are much easier to clean than baking trays or coated pans and baking pans. Above all, there is no residue left from a coating in your food.

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