Aluminum foil or cling film - advantages and disadvantages

Dry edges on the cheese or ripened cold cuts not only look unappetizing, they also do not taste good. To keep food fresh, there are now various methods. But in addition to the price of the material you should also consider what food you want to wrap in it. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the different materials.

Alufoil - problematic with acids and salts

All foods containing acids or salts react with aluminum foil. Even a cut apple can eat a hole in the aluminum foil. The problem is not the hole but the taste of aluminum foil. Excessive amounts of aluminum can endanger your health. So if you were to take something that was soaked in aluminum foil, the amount would almost certainly have been exceeded.

  • Alufoil does not let oxygen through
  • acidic or saline foods never in aluminum foil
  • Freezing may be problematic

Bread paper or cling film as an intermediate layer

If you want to freeze foods that may be slightly salt or acid with aluminum foil because they might be bulky, then you should put a few layers of cling film or sandwich paper in between. This prevents direct contact with foods that are unfavorable to aluminum foil.

Cling film - not very robust

Especially for cold cuts and snacks that you want to store for a few days in the refrigerator, cling film is often better than aluminum foil. However, cling film is hardly suitable for freezing because it is too thin. In addition, the film does not hold together in frost. We all know the cheap cling film that can not be properly attached and tighten. Even worse, the film keeps in the cold.

  • Cling film is without plasticizer
  • Oxygen can enter the food through the film
  • microbiological attacks on food are being averted
  • hardly suitable for freezing

Tips & Tricks

With cling film and aluminum foil alone, you can hardly get out of a household. Without some fresh food cans it will probably not work. When buying, pay attention to the quality of the plastic cans. The doses should be marked PP or PE to be suitable for food. Some cheap specimens from the Far East do not have these signs and contain too many plasticisers that could get into the food.

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