Alu tubes in many dimensions

Aluminum tubes may not tell you anything at first, but they are constantly coming up against us. Wheelchairs, bicycles as well as antennas and railings are made of aluminum, for example. Here are examples of which sizes are available.

Mechanical properties

Tubes made of aluminum are very stable, but very light and cheap. Due to the simple production of aluminum tubes, the most diverse dimensions and sizes are possible.

Wide range of applications

This makes the application possibilities even more diverse. Alu tubes are also used in shipbuilding and refrigeration plant construction. In many cases, however, they are seen as home improvement rather than table legs or elements of interior design.

Diameter and wall thickness

The ratio of the diameter to the wall thickness of the aluminum tube makes the stability for the desired purpose. Here are just a few examples of the diameters of the aluminum tubes, as the complete list would go beyond the scope of this article.

The first number designates the diameter in millimeters, the second the wall thickness of the aluminum tube.

  • 6 x 1.0
  • 8x1.0
  • 10x1.0
  • 14 x 2.0
  • 15x1.0
  • 20 x 4.0
  • 20x5.0
  • 22 x 1.0
  • 22 x 1.5
  • 24 x 1.5
  • 25 x 1.0
  • 25 x 2.0
  • 50 x 5.0
  • 50 x 10.0
  • 55x5.0
  • 60 x 1.5
  • 60x2.0
  • 60x6,0
  • 150x3.0
  • 156x3.0
  • 200 x 5.0
  • 250 x 5.0
  • 300x4.0
  • 323.9 x 5.5

Tips & Tricks

As a home improvement, it is not easy to weld aluminum pipes. If the welds are to be visible later, you should have a specialist do the work. In thin tubes you can also turn a thread at the end to make a connection.

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