Polish aluminum sheet

For polishing, the industry offers various methods that are out of the question for DIY enthusiasts. The following information on polishing aluminum thus refers to the traditional means that home improvement is usually available.

Techniques for polishing aluminum and aluminum sheet

Aluminum is a light metal with very specific properties. The industry has developed very efficient techniques for polishing aluminum. This includes, for example, surface or high-gloss compaction. However, these methods are not suitable for home improvement. For the basic equipment for polishing, the home improvement should at least have the following machines and tools:

  • powerful drill
  • flexible shaft
  • suitable angle grinder
  • possibly grinding block
  • Matching sanding pads and abrasives

Requirements and properties of polishing plates

The sanding discs are divided into soft, medium-hard and hard sanding discs. The finer the polishing, the softer the sanding pad used should be. The specialist retailer offers a wide variety of products for polishing.

Grinding and polishing pastes for aluminum polishing

If you really want to professionally polish aluminum sheet in DIY, you should use sanding pads that are used together with a grinding paste. You should refrain from liquid polishes, as these are only expensive but not very efficient. Instead, you should get the following grinding and polishing pastes and use with the following sanding pads:

  • Coarse polishing paste with sisal discs for paint stripping and for rough scratches
  • Medium polishing paste with sisal discs to eliminate minor scratches and marks
  • Refine the pre-polishing paste with cotton discs to the grinding result and remove small traces of sanding
  • Scouring paste with flannel discs (high gloss discs) for the finish

Polish aluminum sheet with sandpaper

In addition, you can also use sandpaper and sanding or polishing fleece. Especially in the DIY sector, however, opinions differ widely between dry and wet grinding. Ultimately, better results are to be expected with wet grinding, at least in the very fine areas.

Procedure for aluminum polishing with discs

Never polish with any of the grinding wheels crosswise. Only use one grinding direction for each grinding pass. At the subsequent polishing pass, you then grind crosswise, ie across. The background is that it makes it easier to see which areas you have already polished and which areas you have not. Accordingly, you also need a well-lit workspace.

Techniques for removing scratches and paint stripping

Remove scratches with a relatively high contact pressure. Always keep in mind, however, that you need to sand or polish the lot in question later. Therefore you exert significantly less contact pressure when paint stripping. Although polishing takes much longer, the results are much better.

Quality of polishing pastes and polishing plates

The range of tools for grinding and polishing in this country is enormous. Of course, this also includes extensive offers in the low-cost segment, for example in hardware stores. However, you should refrain from such products. The quality in which you polish the aluminum sheet increases with the quality of the products used - and high quality costs more than cheap goods.

The time factor when polishing aluminum sheet

The time factor is just as crucial. Just the polishing often requires the same steps several times in succession. The cleaner, more thorough and longer you polish, the better the results will be.

Tips & Tricks

Of course you want to pour such a laborious work too. Here we show you how to paint aluminum sheet. Bear in mind, however, that aluminum begins to oxidize immediately on the surface of the air. The oxidation layer is thus almost unavoidable.

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