Glue aluminum sheet

The bonding of aluminum is due to the chemical properties somewhat more expensive than other materials. Nevertheless, an aluminum sheet can also be glued well. In this guide, we explain how you can glue aluminum sheet.

The peculiarities of aluminum

When bonding aluminum sheet, there are some special features to consider concerning aluminum:

  • Aluminum expands under heat stronger than other metals
  • The surface of aluminum oxidizes immediately after sanding on the surface
  • glued aluminum parts achieve only a limited adhesive force (consider pulling force, etc. on components)

Bond aluminum with aluminum or another metal

If you want to glue an aluminum sheet to aluminum, use a special aluminum adhesive from the specialist trade, because it takes into account all these special features. It is essential to observe the specifications of the manufacturer. This usually includes roughening and cleaning the aluminum surface to be bonded.

Preliminary work before gluing the aluminum sheet

Roughen the aluminum surface to be bonded with sandpaper of 80 to 120 grit, but you can also use a suitable wire brush. Then sanding and dirt particles are removed. Finally, the surface to be bonded really needs to be thoroughly treated with a grease and silicone cleaner.

Then glue the aluminum sheet

The adhesives that are suitable for aluminum sheet will be used when bonding aluminum on aluminum to 2-component adhesives. Mix these according to the manufacturer's instructions and apply the adhesive. Then let the adhesive harden again according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Gluing aluminum sheet on wood

The gluing of wood on aluminum is common in model making, but can also be observed in the construction of vintage cars. For this you should preferably use a laminating resin. But even here you have the problem that immediately oxidizes the aluminum sheet surface immediately after grinding in the air.

The aluminum should not be able to oxidize

As a do-it-yourselfer, you will not be able to afford expensive machines to stick in the absence of air. Therefore, you have to resort to a trick here. Sand the aluminum sheet. Now apply the laminating resin. Then grind the aluminum surface roughly with the resin again. This prevents the formation of an oxidation layer immediately and the combination of wood and aluminum sheet will last a very long time.

Glue aluminum sheet on both sides

If you want to glue an aluminum sheet on both sides, you can also proceed otherwise: drill several holes in the aluminum so that the adhesive can bond to one another from both sides. Then let the glue harden on the aluminum sheet.

Tips & Tricks

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