Aluminum windows from Poland - is this advisable?

Offers for windows from Poland have long been standard on the Internet. The offers are getting more and more - but is the quality actually high enough for the windows to last for decades? What are the technical standards behind aluminum windows from Poland? Answers to these questions will give you this post.

German quality, Polish price

At least that's the advertising message. There is no really valid proof - or proof to the contrary - that does not exist. The experiences differ significantly. In many forums you can read very different reports especially with aluminum stars. Objective quality criteria can be found in rare cases. Often a direct comparison with a corresponding window from German production is missing.

Obtain windows from Poland

Due to the open borders and the affiliation of Poland to the EU, the purchase of windows from Poland is easily possible. There are no trade barriers. The order of the windows is usually via the Internet, as with many German manufacturers also.

For this you have to know a few things before ordering:

  • the exact window measure
  • the desired equipment of the window
  • the desired U-value of the window


Again, one can only keep to reviews of buyers. There is no generally binding information about price advantages. Many buyers say that although the prices are around 20% cheaper than German manufacturers. For others, however, one hears again that windows in a quality comparable to German quality also cost a similar amount.

The quality of the Polish windows may also depend on the manufacturer. The price does not necessarily say anything about the quality of the aluminum windows in Polish windows.

Quality scale lifespan

The most important quality standard for windows is the service life. Windows should last as long as possible, and can be repaired in case of damage. If spare parts are missing, or if these are disproportionately expensive or difficult to obtain, this can be regarded as a quality disadvantage.

However, this restriction also applies to many cheap windows from Germany. Many lower-cost windows have a lower durability. You can not say that, but that's usually true. High-quality workmanship costs more and is therefore more expensive for the customer.

Reason for the low prices in Poland

The reason why windows produced in Poland are generally cheaper is not generally poor or not meticulous workmanship. It is rather:

  • significantly lower labor costs in industrial production in Poland
  • partly lower energy costs in Poland
  • lower additional costs for production companies compared to Germany
  • sometimes not so high environmental standards for production, which in turn lowers the total cost of production

Tips & Tricks

When purchasing, pay attention to existing certificates (for example Rosenheim certificate), RAL quality seals and similar, Europe-wide recognized quality seals. Ask also for warranty and warranty, and in any case, inquire whether there are additional costs for the transport. In addition, research in forums about the opinions of other customers about the respective window manufacturer.

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