Alumnster - more safety?

Again and again it is to be read that aluminum windows should offer more security, because they are more stable. Whether this is really true, and what is really crucial for the safety of windows, you can read in detail in this post.

Security features of windows

When it comes to the safety of windows, the respective resistance class of the window is the only decisive criterion. Safer windows can only be recognized by the higher resistance class.

Safety relevant equipment

Burglars try more than 80 percent of the time to get into the house through the windows or the patio door. That's proven.

The main approach of the culprits is trying to pry open the window. Some of the perpetrators also try to smash a small part of the pane, and then press the window handle from the inside. Only in about 5 percent of cases, the entire disc is hit.

Burglar-resistant equipment must therefore help to prevent exactly these things:

  • the prying open of the windows
  • the impact of a part of the disc and the operation of the window handle
  • the hammering of the entire disc

Aluminum frames have no special feature that prevents these practices. Significant protection is provided by a breakthrough-proof glazing, and in devices that make the window prying impossible or difficult.

Aluminum windows are therefore not from the outset safer than plastic windows and offer no advantages.

On the ground floor of houses, windows and doors of protection class RC 2 should definitely be used. If the house is remote, or if individual windows or doors are no longer visible from outside the property, resistance class RC 3 is recommended for the windows and doors.

Window upstairs

On the upper floors, it depends on whether the offender has a fixed stand or a climbing aid at a window. If this is not the case, and the perpetrator thus relies on a ladder, one can fall back on windows of resistance class RC 1 or RC 2 N. It is recommended, however, to basically use resistance class 2 windows.

Secure roof windows as well

If there are skylights in the house, you should definitely secure these as well. Skylights are opened in seconds, once the culprit has reached the roof. This point is often overlooked by many.

Additional protection class

Window grates or traditional blowers can be another additional protection. However, they are not a substitute for burglar-proof windows. Window grilles should be certified in any case, and must be fixed correctly (not removable from the outside).

Proper behavior

Of course, proper behavior is just as important to keep burglars out of the way. Windows should always be closed when you are away. Holidays and travel should not be announced on social networks. The house should by no means seem to leave abandoned while one is not there. There are also automatic control systems that regularly turn on the lights and move the blinds to simulate presence.

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