Aluminum windows or plastic windows - a small decision-making aid

Plastic windows are still the number one choice when it comes to window selection. Aluminum windows also have their advantages. Which window has advantages in which situation, and which interesting alternative there is to aluminum windows and plastic windows, reveals this article.

Advantages of aluminum windows


Aluminum windows are of high quality and have a particularly long life. Experts estimate that aluminum windows can last for 60 years. The lifetime of plastic windows is given as compared to just 40 years.

The lifespan always depends on the quality of the windows, but also on the local conditions. There are no binding lifetime values.


Aluminum windows are much more resistant to external stress than other types of windows. Aluminum does not weather, and does not look unsightly. The care is only a little expensive.

Optical advantages

Aluminum windows look high-quality and elegant. They can also be shaped more precisely than plastic windows. This enables individual designs and designs.

In addition, the material properties allow narrower frames, so that the actual window area can be maximized. The light output is then higher for the same window size than for a window with ordinary plastic frame.

Price differences

This is the disadvantage of the aluminum window. The prices for aluminum windows
are significantly higher than for plastic windows.

The usually somewhat longer life does not affect costs. During the useful life of a building, a window replacement must take place in any case - regardless of whether aluminum windows or plastic windows are installed at the beginning.

Dimension windows made of aluminum are even more expensive than windows in standard dimensions. However, this also applies to plastic windows made to measure.

decision support

The advantages and disadvantages in a short overview:

  • Plastic windows are excellent value for money
  • with the same window size plastic windows are much cheaper
  • Aluminum windows have a higher quality and in practice are more resistant than plastic windows
  • There is no fading in aluminum windows, even after years
  • Aluminum windows are also somewhat safer when it comes to burglary protection due to their higher intrinsic stability
  • Modern aluminum frames are double-shelled and now as good thermal insulation as plastic windows (this may not apply to older aluminum windows)
  • Certain decors do not look very good on plastic windows

For the higher price of aluminum windows compared to the prices of plastic windows so you get weatherproof, visually appealing windows with a slightly longer life and a slightly higher stability. The price difference is about 10 - 30 percent, depending on the manufacturer and window quality.

Plastic aluminum windows

Both materials can also be combined. In this case, the plastic windows are veneered with an aluminum shell.

This avoids bleaching the outside of the window. The aluminum shell also creates a higher quality look. The plastic parts inside are even reinforced with high quality windows.

By combining the two materials, a high thermal insulation capacity of the frame can be achieved even with narrow frame designs. Priced these windows are usually between plastic windows and aluminum windows.

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