Delete aluminum window - is that even possible?

Again and again the question arises, if you can not delete aluminum window frames as well. Whether this actually works, which paints are suitable for painting, and what you should consider, you can find out in this post.

Brushing aluminum

The painting of aluminum is relatively problematic because aluminum is a very bad primer. Most paints and varnishes adhere very poorly to aluminum. This is even true for paints recommended for painting aluminum.

It is important to always use a 2-component system, and in addition a bonding agent that is suitable for the application (not only for aluminum, but for outdoor aluminum).

With the paints one should pay attention also to certain characteristics:

  • very high UV resistance
  • very high weather resistance
  • high mechanical resistance
  • preferably also good chemical resistance (rain can contain numerous pollutants)

In the end, painting the window frames is always an experiment, even with a suitable lacquer. The result is unlikely to look perfect.

Shelf life of the paint

This is just as much an experiment as the paint itself. If you work very cleanly, the paint may last for several years. But that's not exactly predictable.

In most cases, the painting will have to be renewed every few years - with the same effort. Whether that's worth it is rather questionable. For wooden windows, this is relatively easy, with aluminum this is always a high effort.

Reasons for the painting


Also aluminum rakes off over time, and is then unsightly. At a time when the windows have clear signs of weather, they are usually quite old.

In this case, they are energetically outdated, and should be replaced anyway, to provide sufficient thermal protection. With subsidies and the subsequent energy savings, you can recoup a good part of the costs in a few years. Windows that date back to before 1995 are definitely to be exchanged - their U-values ​​are usually catastrophic.


If it's just about a color change in the window frame, you should think carefully, if you really want this effort. If the window frames have been painted once, you have to renew that again and again.

Tips & Tricks

Instead of painting, foiling is probably the better option. Films are relatively weather and UV resistant for a long time. They can be replaced at any time, and they do not require any maintenance. For Fensterfolierung there are special offerers.

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