Set Alsterster - how does it work?

After years of opening and closing, windows can also warp easily. What is very common in wooden windows is occasionally a problem with aluminum windows. How to easily readjust windows yourself, we explain here.

Indications that a window needs to be adjusted

Basically you notice, if a window has to be adjusted:

  • the sash does not close properly anymore
  • The window is difficult to close or pinch
  • the sash hung upside down
  • the distance between the edge of the frame and the upper edge of the sash is unequal at the top and bottom

In any case, analyze exactly where exactly the problem lies before setting. Always adjust in the order given below, otherwise you will have to readjust.


The adjustment screws for a window can be found in almost all windows in the same place. For some windows, you may find only two instead of three adjustment screws. In this case you have to do something more carefully when adjusting.

Normally you will need a suitable Allen key to operate the adjusting screws. In exceptional cases, a multi-toothed or hexagonal key may be required. The adjusting screws can be found in the window storage area.

Adjust windows yourself - that's how it works

  • possibly lubricating oil
  • Allen wrench

1. Check window

Open and close the window. Pay attention to whether it is jammed, and where the sash is too close to the edge of the frame.

Clamp a piece of paper between the window and the frame and close the window. If you can easily pull out the paper, the pressure of the sash is too low. The window does not close tightly and you lose heat.

2. Adjust the diagonal adjustment

To raise the window frame diagonally (or lower, which is rare), slowly turn the corresponding screw. Check the position of the sash after every quarter turn.

3. Adjust parallel adjustment

To raise or lower the sash in parallel (that is, with the same lateral distance), turn the corresponding screw. The sash must be at the same distance from the top and bottom of the frame edge to close the window tightly.

4. Adjust contact pressure

The pressure on the window bearing side can be adjusted by the adjustment screw. For the contact pressure on the handle side, you can regulate by turning the locking pin. The contact pressure must be the same all around. Then you can oil all the bearings a little to make the window smooth and maintain the bearings.

Tips & Tricks

Be careful when adjusting and repeatedly check the new position of the sash after quarter or half turns.

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