Custom made aluminum windows - everything is possible

Aluminum windows are considered the highest quality and most durable windows. Unfortunately, this is also reflected in the price. What options there are for equipment and design, and what this costs, you will learn in this post.

Measurement window versus "standard window"

"Standard measures" in windows, there is basically no. However, some window sizes are scheduled more often than others and can therefore be pre-produced. The fact that windows can always be reduced to certain standard sizes has certain causes:

  • the geometric optimum
  • the installation dimensions, which always use a multiple of 12.5 cm for window openings and door openings
  • Practical reasons (some sizes have simply proven to be "practical" and are therefore planned more frequently

The difference in price between prefabricated windows in frequently requested dimensions and custom-made windows is not as great as one would expect. Special offers, clearance sales and cheap products without real quality are excluded from this rule.

Pricing for aluminum windows

If you compare complete windows, then you realize that aluminum windows are sometimes more expensive than plastic windows. This is because aluminum as a material is already much more expensive than plastic. Its processing is significantly more complex.


In the case of total window prices, however, it is usually the glazing that gives the price. It accounts for the lion's share of the costs. One square meter of glass costs from the outset between 15 and 70 euros. Then there are the surcharges for special glasses with special features:

  • higher resistance class and thus higher resistance to breakage
  • Sunscreen coating or other special heat-resistant coatings
  • special designs of the glass rim

Special frame functions

Safety equipment of the frame

Also, the frame may have a special safety feature if it is to meet a higher resistance class. These features also result in higher costs. These can be, for example:

  • Mushroom pin to prevent prying out of the window
  • Lockable window handles which counteract a certain resistance in the closed state (according to DIN at least 100 Nm)
  • additional security features and increased frame stability
Comfort features of the frame

Frames can also be designed to be easy to clean. They no longer contain any notches and depressions in which dirt could accumulate. This special design is only available from some manufacturers. It makes cleaning much easier, but also keeps the windows looking clean.

Quality of the frame

Some window manufacturers work according to certain quality guidelines. For example, an RAL seal of approval is a sign throughout Europe that state-of-the-art technology is produced to the highest technical standards. Also the "Rosenheim certificate" is such a quality mark. It is also recognized throughout Europe.

Price comparisons for aluminum windows to measure

Price comparisons are worthwhile in any case. The prices vary from window manufacturer to window manufacturer. In any case, one should note that windows with a seal of quality are generally more expensive than windows without - for this one also has a certain security in terms of quality.

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