Brown aluminum

Actually, aluminum can not be burnished. However, the term browning has become colloquially popular with different coloring techniques of aluminum. How you can "brown" or color aluminum, we have summarized here for you.

Operation of the actual burnishing (of ferrous metals)

Burnishing means as much as the browning of metals and comes from the French. However, it must be iron-containing metal. The browning in this case is the application of a relatively less stable mixed oxidation layer of iron oxide (FeO) and Edelrost (Fe2O3). For browning acidic or alkaline solutions such as sodium hydroxide are used.

Process for dyeing aluminum

From this it can already be concluded that you can not burn aluminum because caustic soda would destroy the aluminum. Also, no rust layer (iron oxide) or Edelrostschicht (also an iron oxide) form. Therefore, you will need to resort to other techniques for coloring aluminum:

  • anodize
  • a colloquially called "aluminum-blackening" product, which works only very limited
  • anbeizen
  • anodize

Anodizing and anodization of aluminum

In principle, there are considerable overlaps in the applications mentioned. When anodizing and anodizing aluminum, a conversion layer is created using power. In a subsequent dip, the aluminum is then immediately in slightly acidic water, which is enriched with the color held.

Why burnish, anodize or anodize?

Then the aluminum is rinsed with lukewarm water. Now anodized color pigments or colors are added to distilled water and the aluminum is "cooked" therein. In simple terms, this means that the oxidation layer that is created here is simply colored.

Anodizing and anodizing are therefore based on the same principles. The advantage over paintwork lies in the hardly significant layer structure, so workpiece dimensions are largely retained.

The "burnishing" of aluminum

Now there is also a possibility that calls itself browning, although this name is wrong, as already mentioned. That only as a note. It is a coloring agent, which is also based on an oxidation layer.

However, this oxidation layer is very porous and therefore anything but stable. Already by low mechanical abrasion such Aluminiumbrünierung is partially and uncontrollably removed. You can slow this process by oiling the "burnishing layer", for example with gun oil.

Tips & Tricks

Closely related to the application techniques would be methods such as degreasing aluminum or aluminum staining. If you want to color the aluminum, you also have the option to paint the aluminum.

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