Clean aluminum

The cleaning of aluminum can be done with simple means, but often they are not enough. Then the aluminum needs to be professionally cleaned. How to clean aluminum professionally and effectively, we have summarized below for you.

Everyday cleaning or professional cleaning of aluminum

In ordinary circumstances, when it comes to everyday care, you can also brush aluminum with proven home remedies. But that's not always enough, because an oxide layer forms on aluminum - especially if the surface is not adequately protected by a seal.

Possibilities for cleaning aluminum

You now have several options on how to clean aluminum accordingly:

  • with clear warm water
  • with special cleaning agents for aluminum
  • by pickling or pickling
  • by polishing and grinding

Clean aluminum with warm water

With warm water, the cleaning of aluminum is especially effective when it is sealed, for example, with clear lacquer. In the particular case of aluminum rims, which come into contact with hot brake dust, but this is no longer sufficient.

Clean aluminum with aluminum cleaners

Brake cleaner would be the right choice in this case. But there are also, depending on the use or task of the aluminum component also other cleaning agents especially for aluminum.

The polishing and grinding of aluminum

There must be a clear distinction between sanding and polishing aluminum. The grinding mechanically removes some of the upper layer. By contrast, during polishing, the surface (previously sanded or otherwise cleaned) is massively compacted.

The grinding as a cleaning measure

When grinding aluminum, it must also be taken into consideration that the oxide layer will form again within a few minutes. This is particularly important when exactly this oxidation layer is to be removed. However, the aluminum can be selectively oxidized and then obtains better surface properties. Anodizing is also a type of oxidation of aluminum.

The polishing is more protection for future coarse dirt

The polishing on the other hand compacts the aluminum. This means that in future dirt can adhere to the light metal significantly worse. That does not mean that it would be done with it. If you polish aluminum, you must either polish it again on a regular basis or apply a protective layer. This can be, for example, silicone spray wax.

The pickling of aluminum

Under no circumstances should the pickling of aluminum be equated with the pickling of wood. These are completely different processes. Because even pickling represents a purification of the aluminum from the oxide layer.

Clean by degreasing

When pickling aluminum, any grease is also removed. You can also clean it by pure degreasing of the aluminum. The pickling, however, usually represents a temporary cleaning, so that the aluminum can be further processed.

Tips & Tricks

In order to protect aluminum well after cleaning, you must always continue to treat it. Either, as already mentioned, oxidize or anodize the light metal. Alternatively, you can also paint the aluminum.

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