Tinfoil and salt - this is how you clean silver

Silver is not too expensive and yet offers a very noble impression. But silver has a very decisive disadvantage, because it runs very fast. A gray to black layer settles on the silver. Especially annoying is the cleaning when it comes to heavily ornate jewelry or chiseled cutlery. Here we show a simple method.

Clean silver step by step

  • salt
  • aluminum foil
  • hot water
  • Glass or porcelain bowl
  • soft brush / old toothbrush
  • dishcloth

1. Select bowl

It may not be hard to find a vessel, but you should be sure to look for the right material in this case. A stainless steel cooker or the sink could possibly damage you. The safest variant are therefore dishes made of glass or porcelain.

2. Slice the aluminum foil

It is also possible to put complete bows in the bowl. But if you want to clean a whole load of silver right away, you should rip or cut the aluminum foil so that the foil can do its work everywhere. The higher quality silver you want to clean, the better the cleaning works with aluminum foil.

3. Layers and pour

Lay the pieces of silver and the pieces of aluminum foil in layers in the bowl and add a little salt each time. Then pour hot water over the assortment and stir with a wooden spoon. If you can tell that the black surface is not peeling properly, you should repeat the process.

4. Rinse and rinse

Fine ornate areas are best cleaned with an old toothbrush. You should not leave the silver parts in the bath for more than two to three minutes. Then the silver must be rinsed very well with clear water. Thereafter, the silver should be thoroughly dried with a soft tea towel.

Tips & Tricks

Rather cheap silver cutlery with a very thin coating you should rather treat with a finished silver cleaner and as rare as possible. It is better for low-priced products with moderate silver coating polishing with a soft silver cleaning cloth. As hard as that may be, this variant protects your silver.

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