Stick aluminum foil - this is how the foil holds

Depending on the substrate, aluminum foil is difficult to glue firmly. In most cases, the alleged all-purpose adhesive is not suitable for keeping the aluminum foil on any surface. While the aluminum foil on the wall, for example, usually even sticks with glue behind the heater, there is nothing to be done on plastic or any other foil with a conventional adhesive.

Metal and aluminum foil

It is particularly difficult to glue aluminum foil to metal. Since the metal does not absorb the adhesive and of course the aluminum foil anyway, the two metals do not connect and slide off each other. On many stickers is that they also stick metals, but you should rather grab another product.

Some manufacturers still have a special glue for metals to their normal all-purpose glue. This one looks the same at first glance, but only has a silver cover instead of the red cap. If you want to glue aluminum foil to steel, you can easily grind the steel surface and then coarse with a very thick special paint. The aluminum foil can be embedded in the damp anticorrosive paint. But beware, the film can only be pushed out for a very short time, because in the color it is very strong.

  • Powder glue sticks for metal
  • Canned metal adhesive from the hardware store
  • Anti-rust paint thick

Spray adhesive for aluminum foil

For aluminum foil on changing surfaces, such as plastic or other foils, spray adhesive is the simplest variant. But you should spray it only very sparingly if the ground is not absorbent. Otherwise, the glue will swell out at the edge.

Tin foil at the window

Alufoil is well suited for summery heat protection at the window. Especially if you want to stick a sheet of aluminum foil in the lower area to protect the sensitive plants on the south window. You can attach this sheet of aluminum foil, for example, with silicone or even easier with hair gel.

Tips & Tricks

Nevertheless, you should always have an all-purpose glue stick in stock. On absorbent surfaces, such as cardboard or paper can be glued next to aluminum foil almost everything. The pens are more practical than the glue in the tube as they do not dry out so easily. As a precaution, wrap the pen in aluminum foil for storage so it will not dry out too quickly.

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