Alufoil in the oven - practical and easy

Alufoil is convenient and especially in the oven a simple tool for frying or baking. Above all prefabricated shells made of aluminum foil simplify the work. However, aluminum foil is not really suitable for every food in the oven. What you should pay attention to when using aluminum foil in the oven, we show you here at a glance.

Lay out the oven with aluminum foil

Many users swear to cover the oven with aluminum foil to save cleaning. But the aluminum foil also reflects the heat and does not let it go where it is actually wanted. The aluminum foil literally shields the food. This has several disadvantages, because the temperature information is not reached correctly in the oven.

The baking time will also lengthen. Basically, the whole process is endangered and many recipes are not successful, because the temperature is relatively unpredictable. The temperature sensor tells the heater in the oven that the temperature that has been set has not been reached. As a result, the element naturally heats up much more. At the same time, the constant reheating of the furnace requires much more electricity. What is also supported by the extended cooking time.

So, in addition to the cost of the aluminum foil you have a much higher electricity bill and possibly a failed meal that is either dry and tough or a bread that is still gossiping inside.

  • Place the baking paper on the grid to reduce the amount of cleaning
  • place smaller baking trays underneath cake or casserole dishes
  • possibly lay aluminum foil on the grid

No fire hazard

Some users have a risk of fire in the network when laying aluminum foil on the bottom of the oven. But thanks to the high melting point of aluminum foil, this is more likely to banish into the realm of legends. If anything, only fat that runs in the oven behind the foil can start to burn, but the foil itself can not burn.

Many recipes - note important points

If you want to use aluminum foil in the oven, there are a huge number of recipes. However, not all recipes really make sense if you want to use aluminum foil. Especially salted dishes, such as a whole salted fish or dishes made with acids, should never be placed in aluminum foil in the oven.

  • do not bake salty foods in aluminum foil
  • acidic foods dissolve the aluminum foil and this goes into the food
  • Alufoil sticks to cheese

Tips & Tricks

Instead of baking dishes in aluminum foil, you should put more on glass bowls and ceramic pots. If you use ceramic or glass pots in different sizes, you can place the small bowls in a larger bowl to reduce the work of cleaning in the oven. Also baking paper is often a better choice than aluminum foil, even if it only rests on the grill or the baking sheet.

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