Alufoil swallowed - all tips

So many of our foods are wrapped in foil so we may inadvertently eat some tin foil from time to time. For some foods, the aluminum foil can not even completely replace the food. This happens especially with salty and sour foods. Here are some hints for swallowing aluminum foil.

Eaten aluminum foil

Many foods are very firmly wrapped in aluminum foil. Whether chocolate or caramel sweets, sometimes the delicious confectionery has become a bit soft during transport. Then the aluminum foil goes off even worse and the rush is often great. This is always something aluminum foil in the stomach.

Normally, this aluminum foil is transported away as normal with the digestion. Due to the gastric acid, which is about as strong as hydrochloric acid, most of the pieces of aluminum foil dissolve so completely that you will not notice it at all. Because, aluminum foil is not particularly resistant to acids anyway.

Alufoil on the food

Another piece of pizza left? Of course it is a good idea to wrap the pizza remains and other foods in aluminum foil. But there is salt in cheese and pizza. This salt dissolves the aluminum foil, causing some of the foil to pass into the pizza. In addition, the pizza or other food, often already wrapped, while they are still warm. Then the aluminum foil sticks to the warm cheese. On cooling, it then completely merges with the cheese.

Important when using aluminum foil

  • do not wrap salty foods
  • no acidic food in aluminum foil
  • Let the food cool down first
  • Aluminum foil does not close airtight
  • When grilling, lightly brush aluminum cups with oil

Concern for children

Many parents are worried if the children have inadvertently eaten aluminum foil. But if it is not just a whole roll of aluminum foil, that is also completely harmless for the little ones. The only exception, of course, are large pieces that get stuck in the throat.

You should watch your child if they think you have swallowed too much aluminum foil. You may be able to check if the neck is free. To do this, give your child something to snack on. Can swallow it easily and may even ask for more, will almost certainly be all right. The aluminum foil itself dissolves quickly even in the small person in the stomach.

Tips & Tricks

Use plastic bowls or even glass bowls more often to pack boiled and fried foods. So you better avoid the aluminum foil and do not have to be disgusted at some point before your own food. Since in most freezers, the food can also pack much better airtight, the food also last much longer.

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