Dispose of aluminum foil - residual waste or recycling?

In some areas, the disposal companies are stricter than in other regions. If something is already visible from the outside in the yellow bags that apparently does not belong, the company will not take the bag with it. Where the aluminum foil actually belongs and which waste is actually residual waste, we show you here in some tips.

Only packaging in the yellow bag

The dual system to which the yellow sack belongs is financed by levies from the packaging industry. Companies that distribute packaging therefore have to pay a small sum for each packaging of their products in the Dual System. These partially tiny contributions feed the entire dual system.

Therefore, of course, really only the packaging in the yellow bag that came as sales packaging in the budget may. So although a normal plastic bucket or laundry basket is also made of plastic, it does not belong in the yellow bag. Of course, it would actually be desirable if these things would also be picked up in the alleged recyclables collection.

Dispose of aluminum foil

The same is true of the aluminum foil that you use in your own household. This aluminum foil must therefore strictly be thrown into the residual waste. However, it is also better to reuse the aluminum foil for recycling. Even with the aluminum foil and no waste disposal company will leave the bag, if you dispose of them in the yellow bag.

Packaging with aluminum foil

In any case, but include the aluminum dishes of ready meals in the yellow bag. Even aluminum lids and beverage cans, for which there is no deposit, should be in the yellow bag. Also hairspray cans when they are empty.

  • aluminum foil
  • aluminum trays
  • aluminum cans
  • Capsules
  • screw
  • Beverage cans (without deposit)
  • hair spray
  • Cosmetic boxes and crucibles made of aluminum - deodorant, stiffeners and the like

Tips & Tricks

Use the yellow bag as carefully as possible. Depending on how strict your disposal company takes the packaging rules, you should throw as much as possible into the yellow bag. In addition to the protection of the environment, this measure also serves to save residual waste. This may significantly reduce the cost of your waste.

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