Aluminum has many unique advantages

The advantages of aluminum over other metals, plastics and wood make it one of the most widely used materials. A particularly important feature is its stability with relatively low weight lifted. But aluminum brings with it a whole host of other benefits.

Low specific weight

The outstanding feature of aluminum is its low specific weight and a corresponding sealing. The material brings the load capacity of other metals and weighs significantly less, for example, half of equivalent steel.

corrosion resistance

Another prominent advantage is corrosion resistance. Classic rust on aluminum does not exist. The natural oxidation of aluminum forms a protective layer of aluminum oxide, which can be enhanced by technical anodizing.

Processing and processing capability

In the course of anodization of aluminum, the surface can be better protected. In addition, by adding color particles, the oxidation layer is colored. Alternatively, aluminum can be coated with powder for optical and technical reasons.

Aluminum is easy to shape, and cutting, welding, soldering, sawing, milling, gluing and drilling are all possible. By heating or melting aluminum, the material can be pressed, rolled or bent into any desired shape.

Shock and shock resistance

Aluminum can stand the physical force without breaking or breaking. The impact energy is cushioned by deformation of the material. Disadvantages, however, result from low absorption of force.

Complete recycling possible

Pure aluminum and most common alloys can be fully recycled. For old aluminum acceptable prices are paid, which at least covers the costs of disposal.

Tolerates fluctuating temperatures

At temperatures of minus eighty to 150 degrees Celsius, aluminum changes its shape and consistency only in nuances.


Aluminum does not let moisture, moisture and vapors through.

UV resistance

Due to the self-oxidation, each aluminum surface closes and is therefore completely insensitive to UV radiation in any intensity.

Easy cleaning and care also regarding germ-free

Smooth non-powder coated aluminum surfaces can be kept very clean and germ-free. In conventional applications, aluminum only has to be freed of dust and possibly dried on outside wet dirt.

Does not react magnetically

Disturbances of electromagnetic waves such as telephone radio signals or the WLAN due to interferences do not take place.

Tips & Tricks

A not so obvious advantage is the current-carrying property of aluminum. Especially when cabling many strands and supply lines, you can save installation weight.

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