Aluminum in shape, color and function edit

One of the most beneficial properties of the most abundant metal is its almost total machinability. As a soft metal, some work places special and high demands on machining. In the optical change and the sealing electromagnetism must be applied.

Optically change

In general, the surfaces can be processed both chemically and mechanically as well as electromagnetically. Mechanically adapted by etching, brushing, filming and labeling. Matting of the aluminum can also take place mechanically, but can also be achieved by way of the desired oxidation during anodizing.

Chemically, the surface can be changed by pickling. Electromagnetically by the process of anodizing color changes are made, which also have a sealing character. Typical processing methods include blackening and dying and blackening by electrically oxidizing the aluminum.

to form

The soft metal can be bent well and easily bulged with appropriate access. With appropriate heating aluminum can be melted and poured.

Filing, milling, cutting, grinding and sawing is possible for the adaptation of workpieces. Since aluminum heats up very quickly and then can change the shape unintentionally, a so-called Dremel is the most recommendable as a cutting tool.


Aluminum can be removed by sandblasting of old paint. The cleaning of tarnished aluminum can be carried out by acids or a new post-anodizing.


Aluminum can be soldered, brazed and welded. For mechanical joining of aluminum screwing and gluing are possible.

To seal

To make aluminum more resistant and corrosion resistant, it is anodized. In the context of this type of sealing, other metals can also be introduced into the oxidation layer and the aluminum can be copper-plated, chromium-plated or gold-plated, for example.

Tips & Tricks

The different alloys of aluminum cause machining differences. Check on your workpieces the intensity necessary for drilling, cutting or forming. The required force must be balanced individually.

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