Matt the aluminum

Depending on the machining and surface structure, the appearance of aluminum can be greatly changed. A popular method is matting. Most of the industrially applied methods are not open to you, but you can also matt aluminum differently as home improvement.

Matting to industrial standards

Matting is a natural process in the surface treatment of metals. One of the most well-known matting is the brushing of aluminum. This method is usually used industrially with expensive equipment.

Methods for matting aluminum

However, different methods of matting aluminum are available to you. Not only the optical effect, but also the resulting other properties of the aluminum surface are important:

  • Grind aluminum
  • Polish aluminum
  • Anodize aluminum
  • Aluminum sandblasting or glass bead blasting

Aluminum matt by grinding

When grinding aluminum in the appropriate grain size, the surface is not only dull, but also roughened. You can use between 100 and 400 grit when matting. It is important to always grind in the same grinding direction (grinding line) if you refine the grain from one step to the next.

According to the corresponding grain for the finish, the surface is then more or less rough. This has the disadvantage that especially when grinding with only coarser grits dirt can adhere much better to the aluminum. Whether you use grinding to matt aluminum will ultimately depend on its future use.

Aluminum matt by polishing

The polishing of aluminum is often used when high gloss is desired, but the chrome plating of aluminum is not suitable (if a copper layer is missing during chrome plating, the chromium layer peels off relatively quickly again.

But you do not have to work with polishing paste and high-gloss polishing disc until polishing. Instead, use the polishing pads and polishing pastes that you use to pre-polish. In the linked guide to aluminum polishing you will learn everything. The advantage of this method of matting: the surface is still significantly compacted, so dirt adheres only very badly.

Aluminum matt by the anodizing

Anodizing is a special surface treatment. This method is based on the oxidation of aluminum. In simple terms, the oxide is colored during the process. This type of matting is used when you want to matt the aluminum color or a protective oxide layer is desired.

Aluminum matt by sandblasting

The sandblasting of aluminum is not actually used. The surface texture is then usually not optimal. In addition, in many cases after blasting, the aluminum must be pickled. However, there are methods for sandblasting, which we also describe in more detail under the listed link for sandblasting.

These are glass bead blasting and soda or baking powder blasting. When glass bead blasting the surface is at the same time compacted. Visually creates a satin finish. If the aluminum is just dirty, you can also use baking soda. You can even do that yourself at home.

Tips & Tricks

For the exclusive aluminum cleaning with home remedies, we have also prepared a guide for you as well as for the professional cleaning of aluminum (removing the oxide layer).

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