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Paint aluminum - instructions

Paint aluminum: paint

Normally aluminum does not need to be painted because it forms an air and water impermeable aluminum oxide layer, which reliably protects the metal. However, there are several areas in which this dull, dull gray surface is not desirable.

In addition, aluminum must always be coated or painted when the metal comes into contact with substances with a pH of 8.5. Also, the substance of aluminum should be protected by painting or otherwise coating, if it can come into contact with steel, copper, brass or bronze with simultaneous humidity.

Most of the time, though, it's just the look that makes many bikers, tuners, classic car fans, boat lovers and other hobbyists want to paint or coat their aluminum parts. Depending on the claim and the burden, there are several possibilities.

Contents: Paint aluminum

  • Important information about aluminum painting
  • When, what paint for aluminum?
  • Polish high-gloss aluminum before painting?
  • Paint aluminum with 2-component paint
  • Paint aluminum or powder coat?

Important information about aluminum painting

  • Never abrasives, cloths u. Ä. For aluminum use, which have already been used for other metals. The finest particles are always transferred, which then severely damage the aluminum together with moisture.
  • There are paints that are advertised that can be painted directly on rust. Does that mean, for example: painting aluminum with Hammerite? No, even these brands are processed in aluminum just like other 1K paints, so grind, prime, paint.
  • If you would like to use a normal 1-component varnish instead of single-coat varnish or 2-component products to varnish aluminum - prime with primer!
  • Never store aluminum parts on or on damp wood.
  • Aluminum paint with the spray can? No problem if the pre-treatment is the same as when painting with varnish. There are even 2K spray primer and varnish.

When, what paint for aluminum?

If you just want to paint a beautifully polished aluminum part, which is hardly exposed to any stress and does not come into contact with gasoline, you can confidently choose the simplest variant. Who wants to protect aluminum on his boat, on the motorcycle or in the engine compartment of his tuned car or lovingly restored classic car, who will decide between a 2K primer and paint or a powder coating.

Since the latter variant can not be made by itself and not even with permanently installed aluminum parts, it is not always considered.

Paint aluminum: aluminum

Simple decoration pieces need a simple paint.

Paint aluminum: paint

For valuable restorations, the effort should be greater.

Polish high-gloss aluminum before painting?

If the aluminum is to be polished to a high gloss before painting, it must be sanded with sandpaper from coarser to ever finer grain size (180 to 1000 grit, at least three, better four steps). Then the perfect shine through the polish can be achieved with a special polish paste. Then paint for aluminum Use clear coat or just oil - depending on the part and the load.

Paint aluminum: aluminum

Aluminum has a dull, matte finish - alumina.

Paint aluminum: coat

This layer must be sanded before painting.

Required work materials:

  • abrasive fleece
  • abrasive paper
  • Degreaser (eg alcohol)
  • One-coat paint for aluminum
  • Foam roller rounded on both sides
  • and not hairbrush

Paint aluminum - pretreatment:

Before you paint aluminum, you must remove the existing oxide layer. To do this, use a sanding fleece or sandpaper and a sanding block. Then dust and degrease if necessary, for example with spirit.

For aluminum painting without primer, applied a one-coat paint for metal. That's primer and paint in one. Apply the material with the roller in the cloister and finish immediately afterwards with the brush. By this is meant that it is smoothed slightly smooth surface with the oblique brush by light drüberfahren. Only once over the whole area, not more.

It is not bad if the paint still shows brush marks immediately after the finishing. The varnish stretches while drying.

If you want to apply a second coat, rub the well-dried coat of first coat again, dust it, and apply another coat in the same way as the first coat. Finished.

Paint aluminum with 2-component paint

Paint aluminum: coat

  • abrasive paper
  • Degreaser (eg alcohol)
  • Primer 2K
  • 2K paint
  • Foam roller rounded on both sides
  • not hairbrush

For more demanding components, such as aluminum boats, painting with a 2-component paint makes sense. These paints and the matching primer, so 2K primers are much more expensive than normal paints, but also much harder and solvent resistant.

Painting is done in the same way as above for the simple paint job, but first the primer and later the paint has to be thoroughly mixed with the right amount of hardener and processed quickly. For this please pay close attention to the manufacturer's instructions, just as with the drying times. By the way: When painting aluminum, you should use the primer of the same brand because the products are optimally matched to each other.

Paint aluminum: coat

Unprocessed and matt aluminum square tubes.

Paint aluminum: coat

Primed and varnished with 2 components varnish.

Paint aluminum or powder coat?

Parts that come into contact with gasoline are protected better and much longer with a powder coating, since gasoline as solvent quickly damages normal paints. A good powder coating radiates the aluminum parts and primers them before powder coating them. Ask before. The powder coating is petrol and heat resistant than paints. The costs are similar, for example, in 2-component paint spray cans as in powder coating. The disadvantage of powder coating is that you usually have to bring some time, it can take two or three weeks before the parts are finished.

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