Saw aluminum profiles

Aluminum is a light metal with very good thermal conductivity. Precisely these characteristics make the sawing of aluminum profiles a little more complicated. Below you will find a guide on how to saw aluminum profiles with a clean cutting edge.

Properties that influence the sawing of aluminum profiles

Aluminum is increasingly used in industry and crafts. There are more and more craftsmen working with this extraordinary and versatile metal. The most important properties that influence the sawing of aluminum profiles would be:

  • high thermal conductivity
  • low melting point
  • Formation of an oxide layer on contact with air or water

As a result, sawing results can be significantly different when cutting aluminum compared to other metals. Those who use the wrong tool or do not adjust the feed and speed will quickly notice the poor quality of the cut edges.

Tools, machines and saw blades

So you should preferably use a metal saw, with the correct saw blade but also circular or chop saws go. Multifunction saw blades should not be used. The rake angle should be as large as possible, the teeth should be straight. The speed should be able to be set relatively high. At the same time, the feed must not be too powerful.

Cooling when sawing

Especially when sawing aluminum profiles quickly, the service life of the saw blades should be extended as far as possible. This is achieved by the addition of a cooling and lubricating fluid. Again and again it is recommended for alcohol (ethanol). Basically, this is suitable. However, the spirit or vapors may ignite if handled incorrectly. Therefore, a coolant emulsion would be preferable.

Avoid caking on the cut edges

Incidentally, under these conditions, no table saw can be used for sawing the aluminum profiles. The emulsion would penetrate into the deep circular saw and its electric motor.

Cooling and an adapted "gentle" feed also ensure that the cut edges of the aluminum profiles do not lead to the caking that easily occurs in aluminum. In addition, the cooling of the cutting ensures a clearly high-quality cutting edge. The service life of the saw blade is extended to three to four times the duration of use.

Chips of other metals on aluminum

In addition, you should only use saw blades that were previously used only for aluminum or are new. Metal shavings from other previously cut metals can cause flash rust on the aluminum profiles.

Make sure you have a clean work environment

The working environment should also be selected and, if necessary, cleaned so that the aluminum can not be contaminated with the particles of other metals. When one more and one less noble metal comes into contact with each other, it always comes to galvanic corrosion, which corrodes the less noble metal. For aluminum, the pitting would be.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to saw many aluminum profiles, you need to know how to further treat the cutting edge. Without further action, the aluminum would oxidize here. If the aluminum is subsequently welded, soldered, glued or painted, this chemical reaction must be taken into account. Because with all these processing methods, the oxide layer has a negative effect.

Video Board: Cutting Aluminum Profiles using a Miter Saw