Clean aluminum sheet

When cleaning aluminum, you must distinguish between the conventional cleaning of aluminum components in the home and the cleaning of aluminum components before further processing or machining. In the following guide, we show you all the possibilities to clean an aluminum plate.

Aluminum is found in many areas of life

Aluminum is used in many households. Frames, trims, but also pots and other items are often made of aluminum or aluminum. There are also countless applications where you would like to process or process aluminum as a home improvement, for example, before painting aluminum sheet.

Cleaning aluminum sheet in the household

Aluminum items that you use in your household can be cleaned differently. However, exclude the cleaning products and utensils that could damage the aluminum:

  • scouring
  • floorcloth
  • Wire brushes or other very hard cleaning brushes

Pay attention to the special features of aluminum even when cleaning

Aluminum is a soft metal. Consequently, it can easily scratch. Therefore, the mentioned aids are not to be used. For fat on an aluminum sheet helps a conventional detergent, which acts fat-releasing. If limescale is removed, you can use lemon juice or vinegar. Aluminum, which is rubbed with lemon juice, also lightens again.

Successfully clean heavy aluminum contamination

A trick with aluminum parts that are heavily soiled, for example, on the vehicle, would be the use of oven cleaner. Alloy wheels or sheets that come in contact with hot brake dust can be cleaned in this way. For this purpose, the oven cleaner must be able to act for several hours.

Cleaning aluminum sheet before further processing

The cleaning of aluminum sheet looks a bit different if you want to work on something further, for example before painting. Aluminum ages, it forms a certain patina due to oxidation. Before further processing, this must be removed.

Take into account appropriate grain size

To do this, in particularly massive cases use sandpaper with adequate grain size (never too coarse). In order to remove a relatively harmless pronounced oxidation layer, a sanding fleece offers itself. The sanding fleece also lends itself to polishing aluminum sheet.

Remove grease after cleaning

Then the aluminum sheet will not only be cleaned of grinding dust residues and other dirt particles. In addition, you must also solve any grease that could not be removed by the sanding fleece, still. For example, if you touched the aluminum sheet while sanding with your hands. You can use commercially available grease and silicone cleaners.

Tips & Tricks

If you have been able to clean the aluminum sheet of grease residue, please do not hold it longer with your bare fingers if you want to process the aluminum. For our hands get grease back on the aluminum sheet.

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