Cut aluminum sheet

Like any metal sheet, you can also cut or saw aluminum sheets. However, you must consider its special properties when cutting aluminum sheet. In the following, we will show you how you can professionally cut Alulech as well as which procedures should be better avoided.

Differences between ferrous metals and aluminum also when cutting

The difference between sheet steel and aluminum sheet is obvious: aluminum is a much softer light metal. The cutting of aluminum sheet must therefore be adapted to the resulting properties. For example, in the case of false sawing, the aluminum sheet forms so-called built-up edges during cutting - the aluminum bakes up. This is the case, especially with very small rake angles.

Properties for the cutting or saw blade

Therefore, regardless of the tool used, make sure that the rake angle of the individual saw blade teeth is as large as possible. But this does not mean the dimensioning of the gearing. This should be as low as possible. On saws, cutting tools and machines, the following products are eligible:

  • Cuttermesser
  • jigsaw
  • Roller lever scissors
  • Mini circular saw
  • jigsaw
  • Miter and chop saws for metalworking (real saw blade)
  • Circular saws for metalworking (real saw blade)

Cut aluminum sheet with a fretsaw, cutter or roller lever shears

Cutter knives (also Stainley or carpet knives) and fretsaw should be used with as thin as possible aluminum sheets. The thickness should be a maximum of 0.5 to 1.0 mm. Above that, preferably the other devices are used.

The roller lever scissors are cutting knives, as they are also used for cutting paper and cardboard. Again, the strengths of the aluminum sheet should not be too big.

Cooling when cutting with electric machines

Since it is preferable to cut at high speeds, the use of cutting oil is also recommended. Under no circumstances should alcohol or ethanol be used for cooling (this is often recommended when tapping aluminum). When cutting aluminum at high speeds, there is a risk of the cutting dust igniting in the alcohol fumes. The sparks on the machine motor can lead to it.

Cut openings cleanly out of aluminum sheet

When cutting closed apertures, such as displays, use a jigsaw or jigsaw. The corners are previously drilled with a drill. Subsequently, the corners and cutting edges can then be reworked and deburred with a file.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to paint or glue the aluminum sheet after cutting or sawing, bear in mind that an oxidation layer immediately forms on the aluminum surface immediately after cutting.

In the house journal you will find guides and instructions for almost every aluminum processing. So we also show you how to age aluminum or glue aluminum on wood.

Video Board: Easy way to cut aluminum sheet metal