Aluminum sheet - bending made easy

Aluminum sheet is relatively easy to bend in most cases. But several factors can complicate the work. On the one hand, the size of the sheet can be a hindrance and, on the other hand, the material thickness could be disadvantageous.

Composition of the aluminum sheet

Also, the composition of the aluminum can limit the bending ability. At the same time mechanical damage to the surface during bending can remain visible later.

Caution is also required in the workplace when metal is often processed there. Both the workstation and the tool and the aluminum sheet should be as clean as possible so that no foreign metal blobs are pressed into the aluminum.

Step by step aluminum bending

  • aluminum sheet
  • tongs
  • Pipe or angle
  • vice
  • 2 slats
  • clamps
  • Leather Gloves

1. Clean the workplace

No matter which method you want to use to bend the aluminum sheet, the workplace must be clean, as otherwise, as already mentioned, slight dirt residues will be imprinted on the sheet metal.

Work in the 2nd round turn

With a thin piece of aluminum sheet, in which you want to work in a round turn, it is quite enough if you attach an old iron or plastic pipe to the desired bend with the screw clamps.

Then you just have to slowly push the sheet around with your own body. As a precaution, always wear leather gloves so as not to cut yourself.

3. Create a large rounding

If you would like to work a larger semicircle into your sheet, you need a corresponding radius, ie an object that corresponds to the desired diameter. Then secure the plate between a slat and the object with screw clamps.

Now the sheet is carefully bent around the radius. Depending on the sensitivity of the aluminum sheet, you can easily help with a rubber hammer.

4. Bend aluminum sheet at an angle

A 90 degree angle is basically the easiest way to bend the sheet. Even with larger sheet metal plates you only need two sufficiently long slats, which in turn are attached with screw clamps.

If the sheet is too strong to bend it alone, ask a neighbor or friend to lend you some body weight.

Tips & Tricks

If you want to provide the aluminum sheet with a curve or a round turn, of course you need a pipe or something comparable stable, which gives you the radius. Even a rain barrel is quite suitable for it.

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