Remove aluminum stains gently

Aluminum is very vulnerable to permanent stains and scratches. For example, aluminum pots burn quite fast. But more and more other commodities are now equipped with a chic aluminum layer, which should actually protect the device. Here's how to remove the stains from aluminum without doing any more damage.

Clean aluminum saucepans

Although the Alutopf is pretty light and many like to use this material again today, but if something is burned, it is difficult to remove. But to clean the pot gently, there are some little tricks.

1. Fill the pot with water and wait until the burned something has softened
2. Pour away water and loose food leftovers
3. Cut the onion into small pieces and add to the pot with a teaspoon of salt and fresh water
4. Put the pot on the stove and bring to a gentle boil
5. After about ten minutes of cooking, the pot can be cleaned with a cup brush


If you have windows with an aluminum frame, you should not work with acids there. Use only warm water and detergent for the window frames. With a soft microfibre cloth then all dirt go down very gently again.

Dark spots on the aluminum

Dark spots that like to hide aluminum, get away with a little bit of acidity. For a saucepan, add some water to the pot and add either lemon juice or vinegar even if it is dark. Then let this mixture simmer for a few minutes. It is important that you then clean the pot with plenty of clear water.

Clean surfaces

Other aluminum surfaces that have dark spots can be cleaned with apple peel. Also suitable for this is rhubarb, which should still be green if possible. If you go to the surface with lemon or even vinegar, you should then clean with plenty of water to remove the acid.

Tips & Tricks

Even on chrome often small rusty spots. These can be quickly removed with aluminum foil. It is simply rubbed over the chrome with the matt side of the aluminum foil. The slight rust rust disappears completely after a short rubbing.

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