Inflate an air mattress without dizziness

If the air mattress is inflated with your mouth, you quickly get out of breath. Learn more about how to properly inflate your air mattress with your mouth, without feeling dizzy and what alternative methods are available to inflate an air mattress without a mouth and without a pump.

Alternative methods to inflate an air mattress

Use these tools to inflate an air mattress:

  • vacuum cleaner
  • hairdryer
  • trash bags
  • bicycle pump

Detailed instructions for inflating with a hair dryer and trash bag are available here.

If the mouth has to go: A guide

You do not have any of these tools at hand? Then you have to blow. But do not worry, our guide will not get you out of breath that fast. How to proceed:

1. Prepare

Locate the valve of your air mattress and open it.

Check what type of valve it is. In high-quality air mattresses, the valves are usually one-way valves, so that the air, although slightly clean, but difficult to flow out again. Sometimes you also have to squeeze the valve to allow the air to flow into the mattress. If the valve has no protection at all, you must close it immediately after blowing in to prevent the air from escaping.

2. Get the air right

It may not be known to you, but very few of us actually use the entire volume of your lungs.

Most of the time we breathe superficially, and even if we take a deep breath, we rarely fill our lungs completely. You can now use your air mattress problem to learn to breathe in the right way. Because the more air you let into your lungs, the more you can blow into the air mattress and the faster you are done.

So take a deep breath, so deep that your chest and stomach bulge. Hold this air and place your mouth against the valve opening.

3. Blow out

Brush all the air in your lungs into the mattress. Once your lungs are empty, remove your lips from the valve and again take deep breaths and empty them into the valve. Repeat the process about five times.

4. breaks

Then treat yourself to a break during which you breathe normally several times until you have regained your normal breathing rhythm. Always take longer breaks throughout inflation and, if possible, alternate with a second or third person to inflate.

Video Board: A Genius Way to Inflate an Air Mattress