Is an alarm system useful at all? And for whom?

Again and again the question arises whether alarm systems are indeed indispensable and useful - or whether it is an exaggerated protection. Where and how alarm systems can be usefully used, and what you should always pay attention to in use, you will learn in this post.

Alarm system as sole protection

As the sole protection against burglaries, an alarm system is not suitable. Only very few burglars find an alarm deterrent - only about half of all burglars are deterred by an alarm system at all.

This is because most professional burglaries take much less time than the reporting and deployment time. Experienced burglars know this. And outside sirens are generally usually ignored anyway - this is also known to experienced burglars.

Mechanical protection is mandatory

Burglars are particularly afraid of being caught during a burglary attempt. For this reason, intrusion into a building must not take too long for the burglar.

After about 5 minutes of unsuccessful attempts, most burglars give up for fear of discovery - unless they are in a trial where they can not be seen. Particularly risky points here: the garage and light wells.

Use of alarm systems

The deterrent effect on some perpetrators may be given - but this is not always necessarily the case. However, as an added protection, an alarm system may make sense in that it severely limits the burglar's available time. This applies above all to systems that report directly and alert the police.

Here it can also make sense, especially if the side door, in front of which the perpetrator can spend a long time unseen, to be secured. If a pro can crack a door in 20 minutes, he will not try that if he has only about 10 minutes left.

Important for the alarm system

  • Be sure to consult a security expert before purchasing
  • Decide on meaningful solutions (door contacts, window contacts and motion detectors)
  • Create only certified alarm systems that suit you as well (usually the grade 2 = class A systems will be)

Tips & Tricks

Planning an alarm system is not an easy task, but requires a lot of expertise and above all experience. For a second opinion, also contact one of the relevant counseling centers - who knows the perpetrators knows best what actually scares them off.

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