Move a corner valve

Over the past few decades, the kitchen has significantly changed its significance. This often involves necessary changes to the typical kitchen connections, such as the angle valves. If you want to move a corner valve, you will find out here how to proceed and what to consider.

Duties of a angle valve

An angle valve is installed on all water supply lines. As a result, the connections are unified on the one hand, since today a measure is mainly used in the angle valves. On the other hand, it is easier to install faucets, because now the water does not have to be locked at the main water tap for installations.

Requirements for modern kitchens

However, the demands on the kitchen have changed massively. In recent decades, the kitchen has become more and more the social center of many households. This also leads to changes in the design and appearance of a kitchen. For example, many tenants and property owners today ask themselves the question of whether cooking island is yes or no. Even the classic position for the sink is called into question.

If the angle valve is suddenly positioned unfavorably

Therefore, the connection points for the water often no longer match the wishes of the residents. This results in changes. Basically, you have two options:

  • move the angle valve
  • extend the angle valve

Advantages and disadvantages of extending the angle valve

Extending an angle valve is the easier way. Everything stays as it is, except that now longer pressure hoses are mounted to the angle valves (hot and cold water). In some cases, the corner valve would be due to a transfer of the sink in the future but behind a kitchen cabinet and could not be operated.

Move the angle valve completely

In such a case, it makes sense to offset the angle valve. The specialist trade offers pipe fittings angled, straight, bent, etc. This allows you to move the angle valve as required. The pipes are simply held with wall-mounted pipe clamps. At the end of the pipe construction, the angle valve is simply mounted.

Also think of the drain

However, you should consider this step well, because the drain would have to be extended in many cases. The offset of the outflow would technically still be much more complicated. Alternatively, you can use flexible plastic hoses, such as those found on sewage hoses on dishwashers.

Tips & Tricks

Perhaps you have already wondered why we did not go into detail about moving the angle valve with pipe extensions under plaster. Depending on the region, it may not be possible to subsequently submerge the water pipes, as this would affect the statics of the masonry. The pipe diameter of water pipes is considerably larger than the electrical wires.

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