Remove a corner valve

Angle valves usually go unnoticed for many years. Until then the water would have to be turned off and the valve fails the service. Whether the corner valve is to be repaired or replaced - it must be removed in any case. Here you can read how to remove a corner valve.

About corner valves almost all water outlets connected

The angle valve has long been standard on all water connections in an apartment or a house. It can usually be found everywhere, where water outlets can be set individually. These often include the following water connections:

  • for the mixer tap (faucet) in the kitchen
  • for the mixer taps in bathrooms and toilets
  • for taps in laundry rooms
  • for washing machine connections
  • for toilet cisterns

Damage to the angle valve is often detected when, for example, the new mixer tap is to be mounted in the kitchen or bathroom. It is also typical that no more water flows through the angle valve. Often, this is noticeable at the toilet sink box.

Replace or repair - remove in any case

The cost of replacing the angle valve is not high, so the angle valve can then be quickly renewed or disassembled and made workable again. But you have to remove the corner valve first in any case.

Before removing the angle valve

To remove the angle valve, you must first turn off the main water tap. In multi-family houses or blocks of flats, this usually has to be discussed with neighbors or maybe even the property manager. After the main water tap is turned off, please make sure that really no more water comes, by briefly opening the affected faucet.

Release the cable of the connected unit

You will need a bucket that you can put under the angle valve, along with a medium-sized water pump pliers and a suitable open-end wrench. Because the body of the angle valve is deliberately shaped as a square on which a fork wrench can be placed. You may still need a cloth or a rag if you want to loosen and remove the valve with the water pump pliers to protect the chrome plating if necessary.

Remove angle valve from supply line

First, you must disconnect the water connection for the water outlet unit, ie mixer tap, connecting line for washing machine, toilet flushing, etc.). Again, you can start with a fork wrench. The union nut is usually turned to the left. It is possible that the union nut fits so tightly that you slip off with the open-end wrench.

Easier to loosen union nut with brake line wrench

As a tip, we recommend a brake line key in the appropriate size. This is an open ring spanner that is reinforced so you can put the key over the hole on the wire and then the nut. This key will not slip off. Now grab the angle valve on the square with a water pump pliers or open-end wrench to open it.

Dismantle angle valve, clean connection

The angle valve can now be removed by hand in just a few turns. Of course, this connection is also opened to the left to turn it to the left. Now you can mount a new angle valve. For this, the water connection must be cleaned.

Tips & Tricks

If you only want to remove the angle valve because it is leaking, you must take into account that it may possibly be a self-sealing angle valve, especially if a new angle valve that has just been installed is leaking. Such self-sealing angle valves can be removed after a successful installation and then re-screwed may not be tight.

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