An aquarium - decoration and nice hobby

The aquarium has become increasingly popular as a hobby for the whole family in recent years. Whether a small nano-aquarium, an easy-care freshwater aquarium or a very sophisticated saltwater aquarium, in this series we want to show you what to look for in the individual types of aquariums and how the care of the animals runs.

Overview of the individual elements

First, the following elements are needed for an aquarium. Here, however, is not yet the device here. This basic equipment is often available in inexpensive and well-made complete sets.

  • pool
  • cover
  • lighting
  • heater
  • filter

In addition, the seawater aquarium requires:

  • osmosis system
  • flow pump
  • Eiweißabschäumer

complete systems

Both for freshwater aquariums and marine aquariums there are practical complete systems. Meanwhile, they no longer necessarily have a black cover. The colors silver and white have also found their way into aquaristic.

Some smaller basins, which are often used as a nano aquarium, do not require any coverage. Fish that could pop out should not be kept in the pelvis anyway, since the space is insufficient.

You should pay attention to this when purchasing:

  • Power consumption of the lighting - if possible LED lighting
  • Heating power and power consumption
  • Filtering capacity - circulated water quantity / possibly adjustable
  • Filter media - if possible several different chambers with different filter materials

Differences fresh and salt water

The usual aquariums that are available in most households are freshwater aquariums. They are easier to handle in care and entertainment. In addition, saltwater aquariums are considerably more expensive than freshwater aquariums. For the beginner, the normal water can be more easily matched to the selected fish species.

However, those who would like to venture into the saltwater aquarium will be rewarded with a particularly interesting underwater world that perhaps even has a real coral reef. Not only anemonefish and other colorful reef dwellers feel comfortable here. Even the aquarist will hardly be able to avert his gaze from a well-running saltwater aquarium.

Which fish for beginners

For freshwater aquariums, there is a rich selection of fish that are quite suitable for beginners. You should pay attention to a certain flexibility of the species against temperature and water quality.

  • Guppies - giving birth, living in same-sex swarms
  • Platys - giving birth, keeping in same sex swarms
  • Neonsalmler - blue, red and black neons always in swarms
  • Harnisch Wels / Antenna Catfish - Ground creatures that help with cleaning

Setting up the aquarium

The decor of the aquarium is of course a matter of taste. Some elements should not be missing, however, so that the underwater world makes a natural impression and can work through healthy inhabitants and plants.

  • Ground / gravel
  • thermometer
  • Plants - in different heights and leaf shapes
  • Cave / wood root / decoration / stones


During the first time, the water values ​​must be well monitored. Suitable are test strips that display all six important values ​​of water quality at the same time. If the water values ​​are not good, a water change must be carried out. Depending on the problem, up to 80 percent of the water is exchanged.

Later, when the aquarium is well retracted and no problems occur, only a small part of the water needs to be changed. About 30 percent should be replaced once a month with fresh water. An attempt is made to suck in the dirt from the ground with a mulching vacuum cleaner if possible.

Reduce electricity costs

If an aquarium is put together by itself, the cover can easily be provided with LED lighting. This is also very easy to tinker by inexperienced home improvement and saves a large part of the usual electricity costs for the aquarium. Most small aquariums with 54 liters of water content already need a 35-watt fluorescent tube, which can be easily replaced with an LED strip of about nine watts.

This is how it continues:

In the next article you will find all the important information for a beautiful, well-kept freshwater aquarium and which fish you can keep in it. Here it goes on.

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