An aquarium for children - what makes sense?

Many parents think that they can provide a small nano aquarium for the children, to introduce them to the interesting hobby. But far from it, because the bigger an aquarium is, the smoother and easier it is to take care of it. What to look for in an aquarium for children, we'll show you right here.

What size of pelvis is suitable for my child?

The larger the pool, the easier it is to maintain the water quality in a stable and healthy environment. Small changes or impurities are of course not so significant in a larger amount of water.

However, the child should still have the opportunity to perform all work alone or at least under supervision. This includes the cleaning of the aquarium. Therefore, the pelvis should of course not be too huge. Ideal are pelvis of 60 or 80 centimeters width for children.

A width of the pool of 100 or 120 centimeters you should buy at the earliest from the age of teens. Smaller children can even drown in it without supervision!

amount of water

The following list of the amount of water may not seem logical at first glance. But the extremely high volumes of liters reach the larger pools due to the greater depth and height. While many 60 centimeter wide pools are only 30 to 35 centimeters high and deep, the large pools are sometimes offered with 60 centimeters side depth. So this overview is only a guide, also with regard to the weight of the aquarium.

  • Cymbals 60 centimeters wide - about 54 liters of water
  • Basin 80 centimeters wide - about 110 liters of water
  • Cymbals 100 centimeters wide - about 250 liters of water
  • Basin 120 centimeters wide - about 300 liters of water

Which fish are useful for children?

Of course, for children anyway only a freshwater aquarium in question, as a seawater pool is decidedly too difficult to handle. But even then there are differences in the fish. Consider the life expectancy of the fish when setting up a pool.

Fish that live longer than six or seven years will almost certainly hang on you when the children are no longer interested in the pool or take off. The ideal fish for a children's aquarium is the guppy in all its different species, as it is quite resistant and does not resent small care accidents.

  • Guppy - up to 4 years - up to 5 cm - Swarm fish from 7 animals
  • Platy - up to 4 years - up to 6 cm - Swarm fish from 5 animals
  • Neonsalmler - up to 3 years - depending on color up to 5 cm - Swarm fish from 7 animals
  • Sumatra barb - up to 7 years - up to 7 cm - Swarm fish from 10 animals
  • Brokatbarbe - up to 6 years - up to 10 cm - small swarms from 3 animals
  • Zebra Barb - up to 7 years - up to 6 cm - small flocks from 3 animals

Two combinations of small complete aquariums for children

To simplify things for the parents, let's introduce some complete aquariums with the right fish. The aquariums should each use a complete set. For this purpose, only a few gravel and some aquatic plants will be purchased. It is important to note the retraction of the aquarium before releasing your children for the fish in the pet store.

54 liters aquarium

  • 5 guppies
  • 5 platys
  • 15 blue Neonsalmler

110 liters aquarium

  • 5 butterfly cichlids
  • 7 Sumatra Barbs
  • 2 antenna catfishes
  • 5 sword carrier
  • 3 mosaic fish

This is how it continues:

In the next article we will show you an overview of the ideal living conditions of plants for an aquarium. These should necessarily fit the different types of aquarium dwellers. Read on here

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