Move an office chair to laminate without damage

Laminate forms the floor covering in many workplaces and offices. Not all surfaces tolerate prolonged and permanent rolling when the office chair is moved over with a person's weight above it. In addition to the proper installation, higher levels of abrasion or protective mats can be used to obtain the laminate.

Wear and tear classes

Laminate can be laid out for the use of an office chair. Six stress classes are defined in accordance with the manufacturing and product standard EN 685:

abrasion classAreademand
21liveeasy / rarely
31Businesseasy / rarely

A further categorization is the abrasion class from AC 1 to AC 5. In order to move an office chair on the laminate without blunting or scratching it requires at least abrasion class AC 3 and stress classes 22, 23, 32 or 33.

Conditions of installation

When choosing the right laminate floor, there are several factors to consider when laying. It must be completely free from springy movements, must not yield and any voids under the laminate must be filled up.

A precisely fitting installation without any play is indispensable, especially in the case of click laminate, in order to prevent them from being pushed apart by regular rolling over. If cables are routed under laminate, they must be routed into cavities without "knocking", possibly in a cable duct.

Protective mats made of plastic on the laminate floor

If a laminate is already laid that does not have the right quality, the retailer offers plastic mats that are laid out in front of the desks. The mostly transparent mats measure about half a square meter and protect the laminate well.

If protective mats are designed for the long term, a more frequent treatment of the laminate by cleaning and polishing is recommended.

Tips & Tricks

Inappropriate laminate can also adversely affect the rolling with your office chair. On too slippery laminate wheels spin through and they find in any seating position sufficient support. Also in this case mats are the best alternative to exchange.

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