Fresh paint and restore an old wall unit

A wall with its style often expresses the interior design tastes and styles of individual epochs. The paint and varnish manufacturers offer many products to turn a shabby and outdated design into a modern piece of furniture. When painting, not only the color but also the texture is changed.

Types of paint and cleaning

Most residential walls are made of coated multipurpose panels or of wood. In both cases, it is usually only necessary to make the old surface paintable by cleaning and roughening. As paint types are eligible:

  • Waterbased acrylic paints for normally stressed front surfaces
  • Synthetic resin coatings for heavily used surfaces such as shelves

The surfaces must be free of grease and dust. Washing with rinse water is sufficient in most cases. If heavier soils stick, they can be removed during sanding and sanding. Solvent-based cleaners usually also dissolve the coatings and old paint and should not be used.

Processing and and restoration measures

Before the surfaces are sanded with sandpaper of grain size 200 to 400, the following preparations and / or changes are necessary and possible:

  • Remove fittings and replace if necessary
  • If desired, remove trim strips for a level surface
  • Level spatial structures with acrylic paste or putty
  • Install holes for indirect lighting
  • Build attachments and additions yourself

An existing living area can be given a new character through partial conversion interventions. Individual elements can be dismantled, taking into account the entire statics. For example, closed areas can be created by disassembling doors to create an open TV wall.

Special effects

With special paints and combining with other materials, painting offers further design options:

  • Apply to the new paint film with wall tattoos
  • Paint the board as a varnish, forming a surface that can be written on with chalk
  • Use magnetic paint with iron as a paint and integrate a magnetic wall or surface
  • Mount mirror elements in the insides of the shelves and niches
  • Mix mica granules into the paint

Tips & Tricks

Always sand the surfaces of real wood in the grain direction. For coated multipurpose plates, avoid looping in blank areas. Always prime with a product that is suitable for the manufacturer.

Product Image: Africa Studio / Shutterstock

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