An overview of the tin roof prices

Tin roofs can be made of different types of metal and have many different profiles. In addition, there are single and multi-shell products to buy, according to variable prices. We give you an overview.

The price factors

Galvanized steel profiles and high quality coatings have their price as well as an aesthetic surface design. If your tin roof should meet the high demands in the roof and façade construction, in order to keep correspondingly long, then you should invest in high quality.

If you choose a thin, single-shell sheet metal roof, you must put a narrow battens under it, so that the metal does not deform. So you offset the low price of the sheet by having to buy more wood.

Sheet metal roof prices concrete

  • Galvanized steel sheet pans in different colors are particularly favorable, they are already available from about 20 EUR per square meter.
  • The frequently used titanium zinc sheet costs about twice as much, but has a particularly long life.
  • A tin roof made of colored anodised aluminum usually costs less than 25 EUR per square meter.
  • Galvanized sheet metal in standard width cost about 35 EUR per square meter.
  • Copper is very durable, but the copper price is relatively high. The copper sheet roof prices are currently around 100 EUR per square meter.

All prices include the material costs and the working time for the attachment of the respective metal roof on an already existing battens or formwork.

Additional work for the tin roof installation

For your tin roof you need either a battens or a wooden formwork, which is not included in the above price. The costs for any roof windows add up to the total price.

Also remember that the verges are not included as a side completion of the roof areas. A drainage system for the tin roof helps to prevent water damage: an important investment that initially causes additional costs.

Project example: Cost of a 70 square meter roof made of titanium zinc sheet

A large storage shed is to receive a new roof made of titanium zinc sheet. The battens cost in this case 25 EUR per sq m roof area, the tin roof 28 EUR per sqm. Both prices already include the wages of the craftsman.

Cost overviewprice
battens1,750 EUR
tin roof1,960 euros
verges150 EUR
roof drainage450 EUR
total4,310 EUR

Tin roof not too cheap to buy!

Sometimes there are tin roof offers already for 1.99 EUR per square meter - this price is approximately at scrap price level: In most cases, it stands for such "bargain" for the quality rather bad. Corrosion protection and weather resistance offer only high quality sheets!

Tips & Tricks

Tin roofs in the roof tile design look very much like a real tile roof. Especially for roofs, which have too low a tendency for the covering with bricks, this alternative offers itself!

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