Embellish an ugly and boring cabinet back wall

If cabinets with visible back walls are set up, decorative interventions are usually necessary. The majority of the cabinet back panels are made of pressed grid pattern in brown or gray shades. The direct processing of thin plates has limitations. Good alternative are coverings of all kinds.

Possible editing methods

When a cabinet back panel is used as a room divider, the most ugly material requires a decorative intervention.

As processing and design methods are direct redesign of the fiberboard or disguising in question. Decorating materials applied directly to the plate are:

  • Color when painting or varnishing
  • Wallpaper when wallpapering
  • Full-surface glued fabric for dressing

Loose, curtains or prefabricated decorative interventions consist of:

  • Roller blinds or blinds
  • curtains
  • Stores
  • Tongue and groove wood
  • Multipurpose plates
  • Plasterboard
  • Wood panels (plywood)

Creative ideas and tips

In DIY stores, many types of real wood panels and veneers are available. Thus, the appearance of the back walls can be adapted to the rest of the cabinet.

A stem like a plate should never be glued to the sides of the cabinet or other components than the back wall. Otherwise, the dismantling possibility is eliminated.

Vertical patterns and structures make a cabinet rear wall appear higher and horizontal courses appear wider.

Wooden tiles or thin stone tiles can be glued to decorative "bricked" wall optics on the cabinet back wall. By a few millimeters protrusion on the sides they flush with the top and side cabinet dimensions.

Fabrics and curtains can also serve as quick relief. Attaching a curtain or handrail requires only minutes. Fabric can be cut to size and purchased as a piece sold by the meter.

In order to stretch fabric smoothly or drop stable down, a second horizontal support bar can be mounted at the lower end of the rear wall. Also possible is a band with weights such as metal balls, which is inserted into a curtain hem.

Tips & Tricks

Adjust the cost of construction and assembly when decorating a cabinet back wall and the value of the furniture. You can also beautify a cabinet that can not be dismantled and rebuilt in the "disposable system", for example by gluing or gluing decorative materials.

Product Image: Arturs Budkevics / Shutterstock

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