Consider the additional costs for the terraced house before buying

A terraced house generally has a lower purchase price for the same living space than a detached single-family house. But the buyer should also consider the incidental costs early, so that his financial planning is on safe feet.

Municipal charges for the townhouse

  • The owner pays land tax according to the plot size.
  • The sewer fees are calculated on the basis of tap water consumption.
  • The rainwater canal fees are based on the built-up area.
  • In some cities, there are water and soil association fees.
  • The waste disposal fees are also included in the city tax.

Additional costs for the terraced house

The biggest - and still growing - factor in the bill is the cost of energy and water. In addition, there are the homeowners important insurance, such as home, homeowner and elementary damage insurance.

Consider also the regular maintenance costs for the heating and the costs for the chimney sweep. In addition, you should cover a certain amount each month for any repairs to be made to the house.

The reserve for repairs is based on the general condition of the house and, of course, on the available monthly budget. Make sure you have enough!

Example: additional costs specifically

A family moves into an older row house. The house has a floor space of 95 sqm, a small garden and a garage. The following chart shows the monthly costs for this particular case.

Cost overviewprice
1. Taxes to the municipality55 EUR
2nd tee for energy and water170 EUR
2. Insurance34 EUR
3. Reserves for repairs and maintenance150 EUR
total409 EUR

Savings tip: save dirty water charges

The wastewater charges are based on the tap water consumption of the previous year and are well above the actual water price. Have a specialist company check whether a well is worthwhile for your house!

Tips & Tricks

The municipal fees are a significant part of the ancillary costs for your townhouse. It is best to inquire about the actual figures before you buy the house in your local bureau, so you can plan ahead financially better!

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