And now we! - at the Hornbach European Tour

Hornbach knows his way around. For example, with social media, but also how to make DIY-editors smile over your ears: With the "Hornbach Europe Tour" the hardware store provides entertainment on all network channels and incidentally for Christmas feelings with me. We were told by a little bird that (in this case, I) is part of the party. - And me like this: YippiejajaYippieYippieYeah!

But what is it all about? We do not know that exactly, because Hornbach does not want to reveal anything. Only so much: Ten real home improvement people are put into a tour bus and sent on a four-day journey through Europe. Stations are Berlin, Vienna, Prague and again Berlin, where we will spend a night at the Hornbach hardware store. There's no such thing as what's going on between Berlin and Berlin, but it's rumored there might be a kind of home improvement Olympics.

Ooops! Granted, I'm a tiny bit rusty. The last time I swapped theory for practice and the keyboard for something sharp and sharp, I spent three hours in the ER afterwards picking up four syringes and eight stitches. In the thumb... But such a small flap of skin and that little bit of blood do not stop me from doing it again. It will work out! And if it actually goes wrong: I like being in the emergency room. I'm known there.

Who wants to witness the carnage, can from Thursday the 27.7. Follow everything in the live stream. The countdown is still running, so I still have some time for home improvement circuit training in our underground car park.

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