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  • Angle grinders are also known as flex. The name comes from the tool manufacturer Flex. Angle grinders have a rotating grindstone in the form of a thin disk. This can be both sanded and cut.
  • Angle grinders are mainly used for separating metal and concrete. But they can also handle other hard materials such as natural stone and ceramics.
  • The most common form is the electric orbital sander, which can easily be operated with two hands. But there are also gas-powered cut-off wheels that stand on a rack.

Angle grinder comparison 2018: cutting

1. What is an angle grinder?

Many names, a tool

This special grinding and parting tool is also known under the name of Feuerrad, Schleifhexe, Trennhexe, Trennjäger and Trennschleifer.

But the most popular name is Flex, However, this is the name of a German tool manufacturer. The company was founded in 1922 and manufactured angle grinders, which quickly became very popular. In this way, the name was the winged term for cutters and it also developed the verb "flexing" for "grinding" out.

It is noteworthy that the word "flexing" refers rather to the cutting process and less to the grinding with the tool. "Flex" was initiated by the founders Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt of the time built into a motor flexible shaft from. They were not only manufacturers, but also inventors of this principle.

The second name of the angle grinder reveals a little more about its use: "Grinder". It is a tool for cutting and grinding extremely hard materials.

The applications are therefore often in the industry or on construction sites when large steel structures are adjusted. But even in rescue operations, cut-off wheels are used, for example, to cut people out of cars.

The powerful angle grinders are not suitable for working with wood. Due to their high frictional heat, they can heat the wood so much that it starts to glow. Plastic can also not be processed because it would melt.

They are mainly suitable for cutting and grinding the following materials:

  • metal
  • concrete
  • natural stone
  • ceramics

The angle grinder is equipped with a rotating disk, This is called a cutting disc and is a whetstone in a flat, round shape. Similar to a circular saw the saw blade, this disc rotates at high speed.

So that the flat whetstone remains stable in its thin form, it is built in layers between which elastic synthetic resins or glass fibers lie. These fabric inserts ensure that the grindstone does not break and still remains strong enough. The abrasive layers consist - similar to sandpaper - of the so-called corundum. These are small grains made of either silicon or aluminum and glued together with synthetic resin.

Each his slice: As a rule, angle grinders are set to a blade size. The most common are the following Disc diameter: 115, 125, 150, 180, 230 and 300 mm.

2. Which angle grinder types are there?

Angle grinder comparison 2018: comparison

One-handed devices are especially useful if you want to work flexibly in different locations.

There are several ways to split angle grinders into categories. They can be typified by their drive, but also by their design. Most angle grinder tests divide the types according to their design: Whether they are to lead with one hand or both.

In our angle grinder comparison 2018, the focus is on the mobile grinders, as the view should be practice-oriented.

Einhandwinkelschleifer tend to be smaller, lighter, and usually come with small divider diameters. They are more suitable for projects where you need to stay mobile.

Two-hand angle grinder are tools in many dimensions. They are available for both small and medium size release discs. But there are also two-handed people who are powered by a gasoline engine and pick up discs larger than 300 mm.


Angle grinder comparison 2018: cutting

They are occasionally Also referred to as mini-angle grinder and usually have cutting discs with 150 or 180 mm diameter.

  • Tool can be gripped as a whole with one hand
  • second handle only for more precise guidance
  • light
  • only for small disc diameter
  • good for filigree work
Two-hand angle grinder

Angle grinder comparison 2018: comparison

Although they can potentially absorb small cutting discs, they are optimal for the use of 230 mm discs.

  • can only be performed with two hands
  • heavy
  • also large disc diameter possible
  • good for larger projects and long-term use

3. Full power ahead! Drives of angle grinders

The most widespread are usually electric angle grinders, but in the world of cut-off grinders there is much more: this is how it is also models that are powered by compressed air or gasoline.

electric motor

Angle grinder comparison 2018: comparison

Electric angle grinders are either per power cable tied to a power outlet or they have one battery pack.

Powered by plug-in motors usually have more power than cordless angle grinder.

Air Motor

Angle grinder comparison 2018: comparison

To use an angle grinder compressed air It always needs one to operate compressor, These are just as strong as the models that draw their energy from the power outlet.
gasoline engine

Angle grinder comparison 2018: 2018

The gasoline usually have most of the power under the hood. Your engine drives the cutting disc over one fan belt and usually comes with very large disc diameters therefore. They are often seen in road construction when parts of the road are cut or new pavement slabs are tailored.

4. Purchase advice for angle grinders: You must pay attention to this

Many functions can have an angle grinder, but in our comparison we point out the most important aspects. These things should bring an angle grinder test winner:

4.1. Big or small project: Which type do you need?

Angle grinder comparison 2018: cutting

A medium-sized cut-off machine is a good choice if you want to grind larger surfaces every now and then.

Depending on what you plan to grind or cut, you decide which tool to choose for your personal angle grinder test winner.

One-hand angle grinders are generally designed for smaller blades only and their engine is not as big as the two-hand grinder. The second grip on the one-handed hand only provides precise guidance, but is not mandatory.

Such are the one-hand grinders good for filigree or small works, For example, to rid metal of rust or paint. This does not require as much force as cutting steel and stone.

In general, the one-hand grinders have less power than the two-handed. This can be seen in the lower wattage, so some mini angle grinders come out with a battery.

Much cuts a lot: When cutting, you not only need the second grip, but also a particularly powerful engine. Say: a lot of watts.

With a powerful motor and sturdy hold, you can guide the two-hand grinder through stone like a chop saw through wood.

As already mentioned, small angle grinders are sufficient for removing rust. But if you want to cut, Then the size of your cut-off wheel decides according to the size of the material to be cut.

Angle grinder comparison 2018: cutting

For large stones, there must be at least one two-hand cutter.

For the cutting work you need a tool with a large cutting disc diameter and a lot of power. Small devices with a rechargeable battery are no longer sufficient here. If you are particularly prone to cutting stones, then a gas-powered angle grinder is the better choice. This allows you to trim big stones to size on a conveyor belt like a modern stonemason.

The larger the stone that needs to be cut, the larger the angle grinder needs to be and the more powerful the engine will be. However, a larger tool is usually more difficult. Do not lose weight from the eye. Since the cut-off grinder is usually in your hands when working with full weight, it can become very tedious over time.

Those who often flext and for example cut large stones or paving slabs, For that it might make sense to buy a one-hand and a two-hand angle grinder.

Advantages and disadvantages of an angle grinder with battery:

  • very mobile
  • light
  • good for filigree work
  • limited Powerful
  • Can not pick up big discs

4.2. The world is a disk - at least when flexing

Let's move on to the next level of your angle grinder search: Choosing the right disc diameter. It has already been mentioned above that for grinding rather small slices are optimal and larger ones for slicing.

Small but nice: Small cutting discs are general ideal for grinding work on metal or stone. In this way you can penetrate into every corner.

Angle grinder comparison 2018: 2018

With small angle grinders you can easily get into narrow corners and angles on the workpiece.

If you want to grind mainly with the device, for example, to repair small edges in your car, then worth a small size such as an angle grinder with 125 mm grinding wheel diameter. Of course you can also use the small cutting discs to create filigree cuts.

To large area Remove paint from metal surfaces, you can also use larger diameters such as angle grinders with 180 or 230 mm. However, angle grinders with a diameter of 230 mm approach a critical size, from which the disks can not be used optimally for grinding.

Angle grinder comparison 2018: comparison

In the vertical position, the cutting discs tolerate more pressure from above.

At the edges of the large discs can be built up only bad pressure. Particularly large discs, for example with a diameter of 300 mm, are only suitable for cutting. In the vertical, the cutting discs can withstand great pressure from above, but in the horizontal they break at a diameter of 300 mm.

For different material types, you must search for suitable lens attachments for your angle grinder, Below in our angle grinder comparison we will give you the most important disc types.

In order to be able to change different disc attachments quickly, a spindle lock is very comfortable. This makes it possible to quickly process different surfaces alternately. With a spindle lock the attachments are replaced without a disc wrench.

4.3. Empty turns and gentle start

The idle speed indicates how fast the engine can potentially rotate. For grinding with small angle grinders you need a model with a particularly high speed. The device should master 6,600 to 10,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) to be considered a good angle grinder.

For cutting you do not need quite as high speeds with the big tools. Here are enough for the 6,000 rpm.

A soft start is extremely practical when cuttingbecause it allows you to cut it carefully into the stone and the device rises to full force over time. This function is therefore more likely to be found in the two-handed than in the one-hand angle grinders.

Angle grinder comparison 2018: grinder

5. The right disc for the turntable

Angle grinder comparison 2018: 2018

There is a matching disc attachment for every material.

If you have chosen the best angle grinder, then only the right disc attachments are missing. If you buy an angle grinder, usually only average cut-off wheels are included.

For the best result, it is therefore worthwhile to buy good discs separately, Also, make sure that you have the correct wrench to mount the plates to the device. Universal wrenches for angle grinders are cheap in most online shops.

The classic: the cutting disc

To cut stone or deburr metal carriers from small edges, conventional cutting discs are sufficient. Under certain circumstances, even the included ones are sufficient.

But if you are special hard surfaces, such as steel, grind want, then you need particularly hard cutting discs. Here are available Slices with diamond on.


Angle grinder comparison 2018: 2018

Diamond cutting discs are particularly suitable for large cuts in hard rock.

There are even milling cutters for angle grinders. With them you can mill large depressions into the workpiece, With this, you mill precise recesses in stones, for example when you want to design a birdbath for the garden.

The "Schrupper"

You can only grind with the so-called "roughing disc". This iIt is very rough and takes a lot of chip off the material: the roughing. It is used to quickly grind the workpiece to an approximate shape. It is, so to speak, the "rasp" under the grinding wheels.

After a piece of work has been raked, come then the cutting wheel for "finishing", With her, the coarse Aufwürfe be honed.

grinding accessory

Angle grinder comparison 2018: angle

There are also polishing plates for angle grinders.

With an angle grinder can also be Sand paint coatings off metal surfaces, There are grinding wheels with different grain sizes for this purpose. The thicker the lacquer layer, the coarser you should choose the grain size. They are also suitable for rusting old bikes or cars.

Neat polish

After you have smoothly roughed and sanded your workpiece layer by layer, all you really need is the polish. There are for this task Fur shims that fit on the polishing plate for angle grinders.

6. Other accessories

To further increase the comfort of working, there are various accessories. We picked out a few pearls for you.

Angle grinder comparison 2018: angle

With a separating stand, it is possible to carry out particularly precise cuts.

A divider stand for angle grinders supports you with particularly precise cuts. In addition, similar to a miter saw, you can make accurate cuts in quick succession.

Make sure, however, that the stand fits the disc diameter of your angle grinder.

A suction hood helps you capture most of the dust, The suction unit is mounted above the sanding pad of the tool and a vacuum cleaner attached to it. In this way chips and dust flying around when sanding are caught.

There are suction hoods for cutting and grinding work. They are also a protective cover for the worker.

7. You should pay attention to this when using angle grinders

The experts of Stiftung Warentest It is advisable to wear work clothes when working with angle grinders:

security: "Sanding paints a lot of dust, which can contain toxic heavy metals, oak and beech dusts are carcinogenic, and when working very dusty, attach a vacuum cleaner to the sanding machine."

How to advise your Protective clothing must be supplemented with headphones and gogglesbecause when grinding can literally fly the sparks. These are not only painful to the skin, but also dangerous to the eyes. Likewise, the chips fly around.

Especially when cutting stones very high sound frequencies are achieved. So that you do not suffer tinnitus, offers the protection by headphones.

How to work properly with the angle grinder is shown in this video:

8. Questions and answers about angle grinders

8.1. What are angle grinders good for?

With angle grinders are mainly worked very hard materials like metal and stone. Not only can the tool be sanded, it can also be cut in a similar way to a circular saw.

8.2. When was the angle grinder invented?

The angle grinder was launched in 1954 by Hermann Ackermann and Hermann Schmitt. The synonymous designation goes back to its brand name "Flex".

8.3. Which angle grinder is suitable for cutting claws?

Angle grinder comparison 2018: grinder

With special grinding wheels, you can also edit the hooves of animals with the angle grinder.

To reduce the claws of goats, sheep or cows, the angle grinder can also be used. Here are small and handy devices such as one-hand sander with battery. The wattage does not need to be high, but the idle speed. As a grinding attachment there are special claw reflex discs.

8.4. How much does an angle grinder cost?

Cheap angle grinder There are already around ten to 50 euros. These usually offer little ease of use. In addition, they are often heavy at low power.

High-performance tools are in the price segment between 120 and 200 euros.

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