Angle Grinder Test: The right device for your project!

Angle grinder in practice

Cutting, grinding, rough grinding: angle grinders are extreme various tools, For the first time in Germany in 1954 under the brand name "Flex" by Ackermann and Schmitt, the devices also known as cut-off grinders and grinding witches have established themselves all over the world.

Not only for metal work, the devices are suitable: Various Cutting discs not only allow the cutting of different metals, but also the processing of concrete and stones. Grinding wheels clean weld seams and burrs.

With the sanding pad can be De-rust, smooth and polish surfacesso can old paint and varnish layers can be easily removed become. Depending on the diameter of the discs, different cutting depths can be achieved.

Grinding wheels and grinding wheels have got through in them resin compounds used a limited shelf life from about three years. This sell-by date is printed on the discs - so do not let any in-store keepers spin.

Not all angle grinders are called Flex - and in this test it is only one. We have for you four different angle grinders from home improvement to semi-professional field tested.

We have one in particular good and safe handling, low vibration and good ease of use respected. Get to know our four test candidates and choose the best device for your requirements.

security Alert

Angle grinders are extremely injury-prone tools due to the fast spinning disc.

  • When working with angle grinders, do not wear gloves: they can get caught in the grinding wheel and cause serious injuries.

  • Wear ear protection

  • Safety glasses should be taken for granted

  • The resulting flying sparks can cause fires. Therefore, make sure that no flammable material is within the range of the sparkling rain.

Angle grinder in the test

BOSCH PWS 1900Metabo W8-125 QuickMakita GA 5030 KSP1FLEX L-3709/125
power1,900 watts800 watts720 watts750 watts
mass4.2 kg1.8 kg1.8 kg1,8
Revolutions / minute6.50010.00010.00010.000
Disc diameter230mm125mm125mm125mm
Max. Cutting depth70mm28mm68mm68
spindle threadM14M14M14M14
PRICE (rounded)110 euros81 euros78 euros72 euros

Angle grinder Bosch PWS 1900

Most expensive in the test with plenty of power: TheBOSCH PWS 1900is the angle grinder for the toughest tasks. With his Anti-vibration handle, cutting and especially roughing and grinding work makes a lot more pleasant, the power is transferred very well to the workpiece.

The largest disc diameter of 230 mm in the test comparison leaves the device already in operation beginning semiprofessional area poaching. Negative in this context, however, is that the device has no "soft start"; the disc becomes directly at high speed driven.

That should be self-evident at this price. The not supplied discs are quickly and easily clamped in a lockable SDS quick-action chuck.

All in all: solid, strong, green Swabian - clear buy recommendation.

Bosch PWS 1900 - Pros and Cons

Angle Grinder Test: The right device for your project!: device


  • powerful engine
  • good workmanship
  • large disc diameter (230 mm)
  • Anti-vibration handle


  • no soft start
  • quite high price

Grinder Metabo W8-125 Quick

The Metabo W8-125 Quick is rugged, powerful and fairly lightweight compared to the other devices. He also has a vibration damping, which makes working in continuous operation very pleasant.

Powerful grinding and cutting are with the high-torque motor no problem.

Particularly noteworthy about this device is theMetabo S-automatic safety clutchthat the Working head in connection with the switch-off carbon brushesprotects against overloading and tilting. The spindle lock also makes the disc change easy here.

On extensive range of accessories from Metabo completes the package.

In summary: Solid device with a very good price / performance ratio.

Metabo W8-125 Quick: Pro and Contra

Angle Grinder Test: The right device for your project!: test


  • security features
  • Anti-vibration handle
  • good price


  • no soft start

Angle grinder Makita GA 5030

The one with the suitcase: When Makita GA 5030 falls as a special highlight of the right low price already included aluminum case on.

Otherwise, the device is located light and good in the hand and is through his small dimensions Also well suited in complicated and narrow applications. Also for longer work the device does not heat up strongly.

The Handle the Angle grinder can be mounted on the right and leftSo, left-handers are not left out here. The set already has one Separating and a roughing disc includedwhose quality is very good.

Overall, a very high quality and durable device for a really good price.

Makita GA 5030 Pro and Contra

Angle Grinder Test: The right device for your project!: device


  • compact
  • light
  • good cutting and grinding performance


  • no quick-release fastener for the disc change

Flex L 3709/125

The brand makes the device: Similar to paper handkerchiefs and hard foam products has the Name "Flex" for angle grinder develop into a firm concept in Germany and internationally; even with the verb "flexing".

The Flex L3709 / 125 is a compact device of the entry-level class and does not give up on any field of action Cutting, grinding and rough grinding are easily handled by the compact red device. To emphasize is at this point the long cables, especially for overhead and outdoor use is of great advantage.

The disadvantage is something fumbling switches - Such a good device does not really need such nickelities.

Conclusion: strong brand, strong device.

Flex L 3709/125: Pros and Cons

Angle Grinder Test: The right device for your project!: test


  • compact
  • powerful
  • very good price


  • no soft start
  • fumbling switch

Winner: Angle grinder Metabo W8-Quick

Angle Grinder Test: The right device for your project!: device

For the professional use and the ambitious home improvement we recommend the Metabo W8-125 Quick. The device is not too expensive with 81 euros, Fits comfortably in your hand and is not that hard like the competitor of Bosch.

For home use areDisc diameter and possible depth of separation completely sufficientd, the comfort features on the device are convincing even for longer work.

Do-it-yourselfers, who rarely use an angle grinder, should take the Flex L 3709/125 to heart: The device is handy, cheap, powerful and for the occasional home use absolutely sufficient.

Price-performance winner: Flex L 3709/125

Angle Grinder Test: The right device for your project!: test

TheFlex L 3709/125 convinced us: a compact deviceunder 70 euros that meets all the requirements to be met by an angle grinder, has a good design and a big name. For the Hobby operation absolutely recommendable and can be supplemented with many accessories. Thumbs up!

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