Turn angle iron - that's how it works

Bending angle iron is not easy. If you do not have the correct bench as a do-it-yourselfer, you will first have to partially cut open the angle iron before bending it. The disadvantage of this method lies in the subsequently necessary welding of the cut out point. How you can bend angle iron yourself, we show you right here.

Step by step bend angle iron

  • angle iron
  • Power Cut
  • diamond wheel
  • welding machine
  • electrodes
  • Welder hammer / slag hammer
  • Eye protection / welding shield

1. Marking and planning

If the angle iron is to be bent at a right angle, the cutout that you disengage must also be a right-angled triangle. If the angle is to be smaller, then the triangle must also have a more acute angle. You must draw this triangle very precisely on your workpiece.

2. Notching

The drawn triangle is then cut out of the corresponding side of the angle iron. This usually works very well with a flex or a cut-off grinder. But you should always at least provide the eyes with goggles.

3. Bending angle iron

Ideal is a vise to bend the angle iron after unlocking the triangle. Otherwise you have to look for another device over whose edge you can bend the angle iron. The edge must be stable and sharp-edged. Depending on the thickness of the material, it may be necessary to heat the metal. However, you may be able to bend very thin iron without heat. But make sure that the material is really soft enough, otherwise you risk cracks.

4. Welding

At best, the two edges of the cut-out part of your angle iron join together flatly. This seam must then be welded in most cases to restore the stability of the angle iron. Be sure to pay attention to the safety measures and wear thick leather gloves in addition to the welder's screen.

Tips & Tricks

It may be simpler to cut the angle iron to fit and then weld it completely. However, if you do not have a welder, it is rarely worth it to buy one extra for this one. Better look for a metalworker in the area who can do this job for you with a much lower cost.

Video Board: DIY Roller Bending Angle Iron