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  • With a protractor you can measure not only walls, floors and ceilings; It is also used in areas such as medicine, physics and medicine.
  • While analog protractors are usually equipped with a ruler, you can also use the digital version as a scale and plumb bob. In addition, a much more accurate adjustment and measurement is possible.
  • When buying, make sure you have as stable a material as possible (such as metal) and the highest possible measuring range and a display that you can read even in low light conditions.

Protractor comparison 2018: protractor

Protractors are probably familiar to most hobby craftsmen from school days - there, however, they were called geo-triangles. While some people were not looking forward to math lessons, measuring with the small triangle was probably the more enjoyable activity for most people.

Today, the protractor is an indispensable part of crafting and according to a survey from the year 2016 about 37% of the surveyed Germans are at least moderately interested in DIY or Do-It-Yourself. About 12% are even "particularly interested" ( Source: IfD Allensbach).

In our protractor comparison 2018, we have taken a closer look at the best protractors that are currently available and offer you in this guide a detailed purchase advice with additional interesting information on angle measurement.

1. Why use a protractor actually?

The history of the protractor

The first modern protractors date back to the 17th century - sailors at that time tried to keep their ships on course using graphically plotted diagrams. However, the Egyptians already used simple geometers around 5,000 years agoto better measure their fields after Nile floods.

Even the simplest analog protractor usually has a semicircleon which the corresponding degrees are notched or marked. This is usually connected to a straight edge, at which it is measured, at which degree the two lines intersect.

For often necessary really precise calculations and measurements, however, an analogue protractor is often not enough - For complex and professional construction projects, for example, almost exclusively digital goniometers are used (more about the distinctions in our table in the next chapter).

Protractor comparison 2018: 2018

The most commonly used goniometers are in DIY.

For what are protractors mainly used?

  • For the measurement of a room, an apartment or an entire house,
  • in practical work in mechanics, statics, physics and mathematics,
  • for reading joint angles and skull bones in the medical field.

Note: In addition to the protractor, the following devices belong to important angle measuring devices: theodolite, sextant and inclinometer or inclinometer.

2. What types of protractors are there?

In the following overview we describe the two main types of protractors.

Wine rack typedescription
analog goniometers

Protractor comparison 2018: 2018

An analog protractor is particularly suitable for less complex tasks, for example. Measuring the angle within a room on the ceiling and / or adjacent walls.

These types of protractors often have a ruler - Equipped with an imperial (unit of measurement: inches) as well as a metric scale (dimension: cm). Such protractors are also referred to as so-called measuring stick.

digital protractor

Protractor comparison 2018: digital

A digital protractor works on batteries and is the much more precise version of the two protractor types. Not only can these digital devices be adjusted more accurately, they can also be used as inclinometer or spirit level, The handling is just as simple as with the analogue protractors.

We have compared the advantages of a digital protractor with the analog version for you below

  • exact measurement and adjustment
  • also usable as a spirit level
  • digital display easier to read
  • Magnets facilitate the application
  • depending on the battery operation
  • often no ruler available
  • higher acquisition costs

3. Purchase advice for protractors: Which criteria are decisive?

Protractor comparison 2018: protractor

The integrated magnet in many digital angle gauges can be used in many ways.

3.1. Scope and additional functions

Depending on how you assess your craftsmanship and the work to be done, it already decides whether an analogue protractor is already sufficient or whether you should better rely on the digital version. The latter is usually true if you are planning professional work and can not do without a plumb bob and a scale. However, some analog models also have a spirit level.

Protractor comparison 2018: comparison

Some protractors are supplied with a special carrying case.

Only some digital, but not the analog protractors at the same time a magnet is installed, Of course, this is especially worthwhile if you work a lot with metal, are dependent on particularly precise measured values ​​or work overhead or on slopes.

For simple hobby work in your own home can already pay an analog model - helpful here is often already the integrated ruler. Even some digital protractors have such.

3.2. material

Basically: the more robust, the better, While a plastic angle gauge may be enough for students and undergraduates, the demands on a professional craftsman are of a different dimension; We strongly advise you to choose metal as opposed to thin plastic.

Note: Especially with very large rooms and buildings worth the use of a digital angle measuring device. Many of the digital models are meanwhile easy to handle at the same time and often do not weigh much more than analog goniometers.

The following video illustrates the use of the magnet in a digital angle encoder.

4. Further questions around the topic protractor

The most popular manufacturers of protractors include the following:

  • Würth
  • Holex
  • Bahco
  • Promat
  • Stanley
  • HEDÜ

4.2. Can I also build a protractor myself?

In principle, it is of course possible to build one (at least analog) protractor also - but we do not recommend this for professional work, but at most as a kind of skill test. Even modern digital protractors are now available at reasonable prices, either online or in the hardware store you trust. If you want to fall back on high-quality models, we recommend you to do without goggles in self-made better.

4.3. Which batteries are included in a digital protractor and how long do they last?

Protractor comparison 2018: digital

Most digital angle gauges have a coin cell, whose current flow is produced by the movement of lithium ions.

Usually, depending on the product, you also need different batteries; However, we do not want to mislead you by far the most frequently used battery with digital angle encoders. It is a model of the button cell type CR2032, The operating time is up to one year, according to the manufacturer.

4.4. Is there already a protractor test of Stiftung Warentest?

Stiftung Warentest has not yet devoted itself to the testing of protractors. However, we recommend a very worthwhile guide to household repairs with the simple title "home repairs" - et al The focus here is on the renovation of walls, ceilings and floors as well as stairs, Most of these jobs require an angle encoder.

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