Angle valve - the height

Almost unnoticed by the occupants, the corner valve is located at the connections for water extraction components. This component has long been standard. Under certain conditions, the usual height of the angle valve is important for home improvement. Everything you need to know about the height of the angle valve is summarized below.

Unification of the water connections in a building

The connections of the hoses and pipes of water extraction components such as mixer taps, washing machines, etc. are standardized in size. A uniform assembly can be done thanks to the angle valve. An angle valve is connected to almost all water supply lines that are available in an apartment or a house:

  • Water connection for kitchen (mixer tap, faucet, dishwasher etc.)
  • Water connections for bathroom and toilet (mixer taps, washing machine, toilet flushing, etc.)
  • Water connections in laundry rooms and other rooms

Tasks of angle valve

The angle valve not only facilitates installation. Above all, the water can be individually turned off at a water connection without having to close the main water tap. Therefore, the dimensions of angle valves are largely identical.

The installation height of the angle valve

An important aspect of the connection is the height (away from the ground). This measure is often abbreviated as OKFB (upper edge of floor), whereby it is to be distinguished whether the soil layers are already executed (screed, floor covering like tiles etc.). Although the height at which the angle valve is to be mounted away from the floor is not in a binding standard. Nevertheless, there are guidelines.

Height angle valve 52 or 56 cm

Accordingly, the angle valve should be installed at least 50 cm high from the floor. In many construction plans, a height of either 52 cm or 56 cm has been established. This height is optimal for most applications. Pressure hoses of mixer taps are not too short or too long, as well as from other sampling devices.

When to apply which installation height

If you want to carry out a renovation yourself, you should set the height to 56 cm starting from the screed or concrete floor. If the floor covering is already installed (tiles, natural stone slabs, etc.), you should adjust the installation height from this top edge to a height of 52 cm.

Tips & Tricks

If you have a house built or refurbished with the stipulation that all directives are to be observed, a different installation height of the angle valve from these usual heights is to be regarded as a tree lack.

Video Board: bathroom ka standard Centre height kitne inch Mein work.