The angle valve is calcified

Often it only comes up when the angle valve is to be turned off. It can not be moved - neither close nor open. Not infrequently, the angle valve is calcified. What remedy there is, we have summarized here for you.

Angle valves in a building

The angle valve is an integral part in every apartment and every house where there are water connections. The angle valve is mounted between the main water pipe and fittings for the fittings. Thus it can be found in many places in the house:

  • in the kitchen at the water connection for the mixer tap
  • in the bathroom under the sink
  • at the connection for shower and / or bath
  • at the toilet flush

The usual procedure causes later problems

Usually a corner valve is initially turned on and then never arrived again. If, for example, a dishwasher is to be connected to the angle valve, it must in many cases be replaced by another one. Also, the water is turned off here if you want to clean mixer taps, taps or a toilet bowl.

Then it often comes up only after many years: the angle valve no longer moves, because it is completely calcified. You do not necessarily have to replace the angle valve or remove it for cleaning. First, try closing the tap on the valve.

Stepwise opening or closing of the angle valve

Attention! If the angle valves are not so high, this valve or wheel is used to move the valve out of plastic. Put on here with a water pump pliers, it can break. Then the angle valve must be renewed in any case. If it is metal, try to open the valve piece by piece and then turn it back. Repeat this several times and turn the valve a little further with each new attempt.

Help yourself with a small hammer to Kalklösen

If that does not help, you can do it like a heating thermostat that is stuck. Take a small hammer and carefully beat it on the body of the angle valve. Hit the valve 10, 15 or more times. Not brutal, but really soulful.

Rinse off dissolved lime

In many cases, limescale now dissolves. Then open the mixer tap and open and close the angle valve several times to flush any dissolved lime particles from the line. If necessary, you must then clean the sieve in the mixer tap.

Tips & Tricks

A firmly seated or calcified angle valve can be avoided in many cases. At least do not fully open the angle valve after initial assembly. Instead, turn it back a quarter turn.

Later, if the valve calcifies, you can loosen it in both directions. Another possibility exists, which is a rule in public buildings, for example. Here, angle valves have to be opened and closed again at least once a year or vice versa.

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