The angle valve is clogged

It may happen that an angle valve is apparently blocked. It can then no longer open or close or there is hardly any water through the valve. Whether the valve is clogged and what you can do in this case, we have summarized below for you.

Various angle valves

Angle valves are used to connect the water pipes to the various fittings in an apartment or house. Angle valves are usually found at the following positions:

  • under the kitchen sink
  • under the bathroom sink
  • at the toilet flush
  • at water connections for bath and / or shower

Dimensions of the angle valve

The angle valve brings with it several advantages. Faucets are very easy to connect because the valve is angled so that supply lines do not have to be kinked. It also unifies the connections. The standard (not the norm!) Are today corner valves with ½ inch connection for the water pipe and 3/8 inch for the fittings connections. This standardization makes a lot easier.

Advantages of an angle valve

Another advantage is that you can turn off the water directly at the angle valve if necessary, so no longer need to lock the main water tap. As a result, the water only needs to be turned off at an angle valve and can still be used in the other rooms. The only drawback here is that the angle valve can become clogged, so it is clogged.

If you have a seemingly clogged valve, check other components first

However, before you blame the corner valve for an alleged constipation, you must be able to rule out other causes. That would be the tap or the mixer tap. On all devices and fittings, which are connected to an angle valve, there is a sieve. On the washing machine and the toilet sink box as well as taps and mixer taps.

If the angle valve seems to be clogged

If everything is fine here, the main water tap should still be tested. Possibly someone has almost completely turned off the stopcock, so that now the impression arises that the angle valve is clogged. If all of these options are excluded, the angle valve comes into focus.

Learn how to loosen the angle valve and clean it if necessary

At the angle valve there are several causes that can cause the valve to look clogged. Either the valve is not fully opened or the angle valve is calcified or other dirt has accumulated. Follow this link for a lot of valuable tips on what to do with a clogged or calcified corner valve.

Tips & Tricks

In many cases, the valve can no longer be opened or closed. This may also have something to do with the formation of calcium deposits.

Only then when the different solutions do not remedy, you should think about replacing the affected angle valve. Follow the link and get a detailed step-by-step guide to removing the old and installing the new corner valve.

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