Repair a corner valve

Angle valves are given little attention. Until they are needed and then no longer work properly. You can repair a corner valve but in many cases. How to repair a corner valve that seems to be broken, you can read here in detail.

What is a corner valve anyway?

The angle valve is the interface between water pipes in a building and the connection for all fittings from the mixer tap to the tap to the toilet flush and washing machine. There are therefore a relatively large number of angle valves in a household. The angle valves are usually hidden in the sink or behind the washing machine.

So there are several angle valves in the household

It is therefore obvious that the angle valve receives little attention. This in turn means that the angle valve remains "untouched" until it is needed, for example because a faucet needs to be cleaned or a rinsing machine connected to the angle valve.

Typical damages and defects at corner valves

Usually the angle valve has to be turned off in order to block the water. But that does not work anymore. But there can also be leaks. If there is a defect in an angle valve, it is usually one of the following damages:

  • Angle valve can not be closed
  • Angle valve is leaking at the connection for the water pipe
  • Angle valve is leaking at the connection for the valve or device

Angle valve can not be closed

This usually happens because the angle valve has not been operated for many years. It can lead to calcium deposits in the angle valve. Follow our link to get detailed information on how to repair such damage without having to replace the angle valve.

Special attention is given here to the tap or rotary knob for actuating the valve. With less high quality angle valves this is plastic and tends to break when you use a water pump pliers or pipe wrenches. Therefore, we strongly recommend the linked article before you try to open or close the respective angle valve by force.

Angle valve is leaking

But even the leaking angle valve is common. You must distinguish between self-sealing and conventional angle valves. If you have removed a corner valve in order to clean it, this can lead to a self-sealing angle valve not keeping it tight. Why, you will learn if you follow the link.

Just as often when installing a corner valve errors are made, which lead to a leaking and thus apparently defective angle valve. An angle valve is screwed into the water pipe around three to four turns. Then the alignment takes place, so that the connection for the valve stands nicely vertically or horizontally.

Error in corner valve mounting

Then the angle valve suddenly leaks, even though you did everything right. Except for one thing: many do-it-yourselfers simply turn the angle valve to straighten out a bit. You can not do that, because in many cases the seal can not seal properly. To repair, re-seal the thread and just set the screwed-in angle valve straight through the direction to close.

Tips & Tricks

In the house journal, we already provide you with many advice on the subject of angle valves. So you can also read here how to disassemble an angle valve.

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