Replace angle valve - the cost

The corner valve is almost unnoticed every time in use, when somewhere in the house or apartment water is consumed. For many years, the built-in angle valves are therefore not noticeable. If it then leads to problems in the water supply and the corner valve was recognized as the cause, one question arises above all: exchange at the angle valve - what costs are incurred here?

Where there are corner valves everywhere

Many house or apartment dwellers will not consciously perceive the angle valve for years. Today it is the connection status between the water supply in a building and the devices to be connected for water extraction. The angle valve is therefore primarily to be found at the following water connections in the apartment or house:

  • for the mixer tap (faucet) in the kitchen
  • possibly for the dishwasher in the kitchen
  • Water connections for mixer taps in the bathroom
  • Water connections for toilet flushing
  • Connection for washing machine
  • other water connections

Not all of the named angle valves must be present. For example, it may often be necessary to install a new angle valve to operate appliances such as the dishwasher. However, the cost of replacing a corner valve is of interest primarily if the old angle valve is leaking or too little or no water is flowing through the angle valve.

Costs for angle valve: do it yourself or craft business

The costs for replacing the angle valve also have to be differentiated, whether you want to replace the angle valve yourself or to hire a craftsman. You must find out about the concrete costs of craftsmanship through inquiries to the relevant companies in your region.

The cost of the hourly wage

As a rule, the prices should be at an hourly wage of plus / minus 60 euros. When making inquiries, please pay attention to any travel costs and always ask for the final costs. A quote is not always a good idea as it can also cost you money. The working time itself will usually not exceed one hour.

The workload

It must be closed the main water tap. Then the supply lines of the removal device (flush, faucet, washing machine, etc.) are disconnected. Now the valve is turned out of the port. The installation takes place in the same steps, just the other way around. So in most cases one hour should be enough.

Costs for angle valves - the details are crucial

The cost of the angle valve itself, there are great differences. You must first differentiate between conventional and self-sealing angle valves. The advantage with the self-sealing angle valves: additional sealing material becomes superfluous. The disadvantage: if you turn out a new self-sealing angle valve, it may not be 100% impermeable.

Cheap products versus branded goods

Now you have to differentiate between cheap products and the well-known manufacturers of angle valves. You can buy cheap products for just a few euros. The fact that the chrome plating chips off very quickly here is usually the least evil. According to experience, cheap goods are far faster in their services and warranty claims are difficult to implement. Therefore, the true saying: who buys cheap, buy twice. The cost of a high-quality angle valve is around 20 to 30 euros. That should be worth it.

Tips & Tricks

Often the angle valve is only calcified. Then you may be able to repair the angle valve.

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