Close the angle valve

An angle valve is often found in every household even in multiple versions. It may happen that you have to turn off the angle valve. How you can turn the angle valve and what is important, you can reroll here.

An angle valve can be found at all water connections

The angle valve in a professionally installed water supply is the connecting link between your valve connections and the water supply line of the building in the corresponding rooms. Therefore, there may also be several angle valves in apartments and houses:

  • at the water connection in the kitchen
  • Water connection bathroom sink
  • Water connection toilet flushing
  • Water connection laundry room

The construction of a corner connection is always similar. The connecting line for the fitting to be connected and a tap (usually round) for turning off the water.

Why an angle valve?

If you want to install a new angle valve or even remove the fittings and replace them if necessary, the angle valve is there to allow you to easily turn off the water on site. In many buildings you would otherwise have to turn off the main water tap. Especially in apartment buildings, this is less enjoyable for the other residents, since they may also be without water for this time.

Direction for unscrewing or turning off the angle valve

Turn an angle valve as you would open or close a screw. The direction to turn is to the right, so with the clock. You open the valve by turning it counterclockwise. It may be necessary for you to need a water pump pliers to open or close the angle valve. The valve may have been unoperated for many years and has become obstructed during this time.

When removing the valve, turn off the water at the main tap

But if you want to completely remove the angle valve, it is no longer sufficient to turn the angle valve. In this case you must close the main water tap for the relevant water pipe. Of course, also at the main water tap the direction to open to the right and to turn to the left. Before removing the angle valve, make sure that the water is really turned off by turning the water on the fittings. Bear in mind that the angle valve must be turned on for this purpose.

Tips & Tricks

If you can not remember the direction to open and close the angle valve or faucet, we offer you here a small donkey bridge. Turn the tap to "L as left as it goes" to open and after "R as right no water out" from the tap.

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