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Purchase advice for fishing comparison or test 2018

  • Fishing is all about patience and experience - but the right fishing tackle is also important for fishing carp or brown trout, for example.
  • Fishing tackle can be found in the fishing shop or fishing supplies, but the selection of fishing rods on the Internet is particularly large. Whether first attempts at beginners or fishing with professionals: Online everyone will find the perfect fishing rod for their own requirements.
  • Depending on the transport options, you can, for example, fall back on a plug or a telescopic fishing tackle, which have to be taken apart or put together in a particularly compact way.

Angel comparison 2018: fishing

Dense traffic, constant accessibility, colorful billboards, incessant noise: Whether small or large city, the symptoms of modern society are often similar. In the process, people gradually forget how to breathe properly and let their souls dangle, which can lead to stress or illnesses such as burnout.

Probably the one who discovered fishing for himself. Hardly any employment is more relaxing and makes it easy to calm down again, According to statistics by IfD Allensbach, well over 4.7 million Germans were fishing at least occasionally in 2016 - with an upward trend. To enjoy this experience to the fullest, the right fishing rod is very important.

So we looked at the best fishing rods on the market and ran our fishing comparison in 2018, In our purchase advice you will find all important purchase criteria and valuable tips to help you find your personal fishing test winner.

1. How is a fishing rod structured?

Properly equipped

In addition to the fishing rod, it also depends on the other fishing equipment: Good baits in the suitcase, comfortable fishing chairs and not least warm, waterproof clothing are recommended. The better you are equipped, the less you can go wrong - after all, the joy of fishing often comes and goes with the accessories.

The rod is mostly a rod, which is why it is often called a fishing rod. This rod consists of several parts of the rod, which can usually be put together or taken apart - this makes fishing easy to transport.

On the tail also runs a Fishing line, which is guided through several rings and thereby remains optimally taut, Finishes the fishing rod with the handle, which is also the fishing reel. The reel releases the fishing line during ejection and if a fish bites, the line can be caught again by the crank.

The strenght is to be found in serenity: When fishing you will find yourself. The most important lesson here: patience. Even the best fishing rod can not guarantee a successful catch, so you should not stress if nothing bites.

2. Which types of fishing are available?

Among the numerous types of fishing rods, we have highlighted the three main categories for you to get a quick overview.

Angel typeproperties
Spinning Rod

Angel comparison 2018: 2018

  • most popular rod in Germany
  • Rod is constantly ejected and recovered
  • attracts attention of predators that hold hooks and baits for prey
  • relatively stiff and therefore suitable for beginners
  • available as plug-in and telescopic rod
  • Rods often 2.5 to 3 meters long - from the boat, a shorter, from the shore a longer rod is recommended

Angel comparison 2018: angel

  • Can be taken apart for transport
  • can be shortened to about one third of the original length
  • high stability through large segments (about 80-200 cm)
  • additional stability through numerous fishing line rings
  • is therefore also suitable for fishing heavier fish

Angel comparison 2018: fishing

  • Can be pushed together for transport - like a telescope
  • Segment and transport length still around 50-100 cm
  • most compact type under the fishing rods
  • Less resilient and stable than a stick
  • less fishing line rings - less stable

3. Purchase criteria for fishing: You must pay attention to this

3.1. The rod length

The optimal rod length depends primarily on your fishing preferences. If you prefer to fish in smaller waters, a shorter rod length is often sufficient from, for example, 2 to 2.40 meters. The same applies to fishing from a boat.

Angel comparison 2018: 2018

When fishing out of the boat short fishing rods are the better choice.

For larger waters, such as wider rivers, however, offer longer rods. Here you should reach for fishing with a length of about three meters to lure accordingly far away from the shore.

Rule of thumb for the rod length: The smaller the water, the shorter the rod can be.

Already knew? Starting from the US, a trend towards shorter spinning rods prevailed, which only come to maximum lengths of about 2.4 meters. Since a trend towards ever shorter "sticks" can also be observed in Germany, we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of short spinning rods for you:

  • especially beneficial in boats
  • Ejecting is made easier (also possible with one hand)
  • less risk of getting stuck in felling or bushes when ejecting
  • good for smaller waters
  • shorter throws, shorter range

3.2. The maximum casting weight

Angel comparison 2018: fishing

Turn signals are particularly light and also suitable for fishing with low casting weight.

The maximum casting weight indicates how heavy the bait may be on the fishing hook. The casting weight of common fishing rods is usually between 30 and 130 grams, The higher the casting weight, the bigger and heavier the bait tends to be and the bigger the fish can be caught.

If you do not put it on the big caliber, a casting weight of 30-70 grams is enough. But if you also want to fish a big fish, you should also use a fishing rod with a higher casting weight.

3.3. The transport length

Angel comparison 2018: fishing

Telescopic fishing can be stored particularly space-saving. However, this is also at the expense of their stability.

The transport length depends heavily on your transport options, Always drive by car to the lake or river, so you can fall back on a rod that can even be disassembled built up to two meters in length.

If, on the other hand, you look at every inch, you should tend to choose a telescopic rod. This can often be reduced to less than 0.5 meters and is therefore the easiest way to transport. Also for the fishing vacation especially a telescopic rod is recommended.

3.4. The material

As a rule, the fishing rod is made of an elastic plastic that combines stability and flexibility. Frequently, carbon and glass fiber are typical materials for rods. All of you are mean, that they are very light, but at the same time robust and durable.

Tip for beginners: A frequent starting point for quality is the Stiftung Warentest, but this has remained silent on fishing so far. Beginners are recommended especially rods made of carbon or carbon fibers. These are very light and torsion-resistant, which makes them throw out far.

Angel comparison 2018: fishing

A good fishing rod combines stability and elasticity. However, fishing with a flexible rod also requires a lot of practice.

4. Proven manufacturers and brands around the Angel

To give you a first impression of popular and proven brands, we have listed the following manufacturers. Rods from Jenzi or DAM also meet the requirements of experienced hobby fishermenwhile Speeron and Ultrasport also offer low priced entry-level models.

  • Abu Garcia
  • Angel Berger
  • B.Richi
  • Balzer
  • Berkley
  • Black Cat
  • Browning
  • Caperlan
  • Castalia Outdoors
  • Concept
  • Cormoran
  • Daiwa
  • DAM
  • Edge Rods
  • Exori
  • flatbread
  • Fox Rage
  • G-Loomis
  • Grays
  • Jackson
  • Jenzi
  • JRC
  • Mitchell
  • paladin
  • Penn
  • Prologic
  • quantity
  • Ron Thompson
  • Savage Gear
  • Shakespeare
  • Shimano
  • Sportex
  • Spro
  • Singer
  • Tubertini
  • WFT
  • YAD
  • Zebco

5. Questions and answers about fishing rods

5.1. How do you fish zander?

Angel comparison 2018: comparison

Zander fishing is a big challenge.

Zander fishing is considered one of the most difficult tasks among anglers. The shy animals are especially in fresh water at home, Occasionally, however, also in the brackish water of the Baltic Sea. We have compiled the most important tips for zander fishing:

  • You can catch the nocturnal animals at dusk, dawn and at night.
  • The water has to be extremely quiet: Even the slightest vibration or noise will scare the zander for a long time.
  • The right bait: As a predator, the zander mainly targets other fish, but always uses dead animals.
  • Patience: if the zander bites, you should not immediately put the stop (catch up with the fishing line). Wait until a second time string is drawn, then the right time for the attack has come.

5.2. How to fish for trout?

Angel comparison 2018: comparison

Brown trout are usually up to 50 inches tall.

Even with trout fishing, we would like to share with you the most important tips:

  • Maggots, grasshoppers and lures can be used as bait - they can be bought in a fishing shop.
  • Habitat are smaller rivers, streams, lakes and dams.
  • There are numerous commercial lakes and ponds where trout can be fished for a fee.
  • Trout fishing can therefore be good for beginners, who want to have some experience with an Angelset.

5.3. Fishing License: At what age can you make it?

The minimum age for fishing or fishing license varies from state to state. In some federal states, juvenile fishing lines can be acquired, but again the age may vary from under 10 to under 14 years. The full fishing license can be made at 14 in most countries, some exceptions (for example Hamburg with 12, Rhineland-Palatinate with 13 years) confirm the rule.

Angel comparison 2018: fishing

Fishing can often be learned at a young age - with the appropriate fishing license.

5.4. How much does a fishing rod cost?

Although there are already one or the other extremely cheap fishing rod for about ten euros, but we also recommend beginners to facilitate the entry into fishing with higher quality fishing rods.

These fishing rods are available for about 20-40 euros and already have a noticeable longer durability and a more pleasant guidance.

There are hardly any limits to the top: you can buy a fishing rod that costs several hundred or even thousand euros. Such an investment usually only pays off if you are already immersed in the world of fishing. But then a very high quality fishing rod for a slightly higher purchase price is definitely recommended.

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